We believe in the power of brands to shape and define lifestyles — whatever the industry.


Our Approach


Brands in every industry have one thing in common: the need to build meaningful relationships. But how to go about it? We believe that, ultimately, what really matters is what lies underneath. It’s about authentically connecting with people’s emotions and aspirations. It’s about making their daily lives better — at work, at home, and in the world.

At Noise 13, we call this the Lifestyle Lens, and we’ve been building brands this way for nearly two decades. We start by uncovering people’s desires and expectations and finding ways to authentically engage with them. We create beautiful, thoughtful designs that tap into human emotion and bring out the unique characteristics of every brand.



Know your audience and define your goals.

We design for real people. Finding insight in the lifestyle of your customers is the core to our design approach. In addition to helping you achieve your internal goals, we keep an eye on who your customer is and, better yet, who you want them to be in the future.

Strategy Services
Customer Experience
Brand Strategy
Content Strategy
Technology Assessment
Art Direction
Launch Planning
Information Architecture

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Provide a clear philosophy and distinct style.

Discovering the brand essence of a company can be complicated. By collaborating with you and keeping communication open, honest, and transparent, we ensure the process is insightful, focused and fun.

Branding Services
Brand Identity
Brand Standards & Guidelines
Brand Refresh

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Create brand outlets that connect with customers.

A brand lives way beyond a logo and tagline. The brand experience can cover everything from your marketing collateral and product packaging to digital assets, messaging, and even the experience of your customer service. We use our Life + Style philosophy to extend your brand to the outlets you need most.

Design Services
User Interface Design
Website Design
Mobile & Multi-touch Devices
Print Communications
Packaging Design
Environmental Design

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