A Commitment to (B) Even Better

B Corp Certification signifies that a business is dedicated to the highest level of social and environmental standards. This designation is not specific to any single issue but instead is meant to be holistic across various measures including charitable giving, environmental impact, accountability and transparency. The certification emphasizes the importance of the triple bottom line, meaning people, planet and profit. A focus on profits at the cost of all other goals has had devastating effects on our planet and our most vulnerable populations. Companies who are awarded B Corp status strive to reduce inequality, create healthier communities and more meaningful work.

Noise 13 has always been committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard. This means working with brands that have a shared mission of making change for the better, incorporating sustainable practices into our everyday operations and giving back to our community. As a renewed commitment to this work, we have taken the steps to become B Corp certified.

Dava founded the company in 2000 with the intention of building a creative agency that leaves our community a better, brighter and more ethical place. She knows the power brands hold and believes we have an opportunity and a responsibility to help them leverage it for good. 

Some of the work Noise 13 has already done that allowed us demonstrate our eligibility for this certification include Swing Left, SF General Hospital Foundation and Creativity Explored. We have also committed to donate 5% of our time to pro bono creative services as well as 1% of our profits in cash to NGOs who are dedicated to creating powerful change in food, wellness, shelter, sustainability, creativity and equity.

By becoming a B Corp certified company, we are joining many respected brands both big and small, the likes of which include (just to name a few) Patagonia, Aesop and Ben and Jerry’s. This has been an exciting journey, one that we see as just the beginning. We can’t wait to see how we can continue to evolve as we expand our practices and work with brands we love to create a more ethical, sustainable world.