Drever Capital Investment

Brand Refresh and Website Design

At Noise 13, we thirst for collaboration. When we believe in our clients’ services and have the chance to work closely with their team, the results always exceed expectations. A perfect example? Drever Capital Investment. While “Capital Investment” doesn’t immediately bring “Lifestyle” to mind, we felt an immediate connection with the Drever team — a down-to-earth bunch with an extreme level of professionalism. Humble and purpose driven, they differentiate themselves from other investment firms thanks to their exceptional returns and authentic partnerships. They believe in investing not just for profit, but also in the people who live in the communities they build. The opportunity to communicate these values through a brand update and website design was one we had to accept.

Drever came to us at a time of change. A family owned and operated business, the reins of the company were being passed on to the next generation. And while their portfolio had always been composed of individual investors, they wanted to gain market shares with institutional investment firms while maintaining the relationships and quality of service they prided themselves on.

The new website sets them apart from giants within their industry, drawing in new investors and instantly communicating their credibility and success as well as their warmth and approachability. We improved the overall accessibility of the site by reorganizing information, restructuring the navigation, and streamlining the content so that, at a glance, users understand what they do and how they do it. By developing guidelines for all photography and integrating tasteful icon animations, we helped make the site digestible without sacrificing professionalism. The updated logo reinforces this balance: utilizing a serif typeface retains the heritage of the 40+ year old firm, and separating the logotype from the rower illustration simplifies and modernizes the entire lockup.

In the end, our work with Drever resulted not only in a fresh new website and identity, but a clearer picture of who they are and what they want to represent. Check it out for yourself at