MacRostie Winery

Branding that Builds on Tradition


Throughout the years, MacRostie Winery and Vineyards has established a well defined reputation on the Sonoma Coast for their exceptional wines and deep-rooted tradition. After three decades they’ve decided to open their Estate House, a state-of-the-art tasting room, where they can host and engage with visitors. In order to extend and support the brand’s growth, Noise 13 was asked to redesign MacRostie’s website, e-commerce system, and collateral to coincide with the opening of the Estate House.

The initial inspiration stemmed from modern elements of the Estate House and traditional MacRostie brand assets. Our challenge was to merge the styles into a cohesive modern identity that still reflects the brand’s rich history.


The main goal that came out of the meetings with the MacRostie team was to give users the ability to experience the new MacRostie brand through their website. We let the natural surroundings and modern interior do the talking with beautiful photography and parallax scrolls throughout the site. Updates in supporting fonts, colors, and logo usage give the brand a personality fitting for their new space.

In addition to driving traffic to the winery, the website serves as a valuable tool for users to easily learn, experience, and join one of several club levels. The online club membership options are supported by a new e-commerce system that allows everyone to purchase their wine.

To support the new MacRostie space we rolled out a system of collateral pieces. These included menus, order forms, wine club sign-up brochures, business cards, and referral cards. Custom illustrations and gold foil were used throughout to give these designs a luxurious and special feel.

Pops of green and gold throughout mimic the splashes of color in the Estate House vases and accessories. The natural cream colored paper and the sage hued linen of the menus also help to expand on the modern classic style of the interiors. Every detail of the printed pieces was carefully considered and designed to feel at home in the physical space.


MacRostie Winery and Vineyards has seen many exciting changes over the last year with the launch of the new Estate House, and new brand assets. With these key elements in hand, MacRostie has enjoyed immediate success both on-site and online.

As MacRostie continues to emerge as a wine tasting destination, their enhanced brand will continue to expand. We’ll drink to that!

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