Elevating the Cannabis Experience

Sesh is a lifestyle brand that creates portable storage accessories for daily cannabis consumers. Founders Dawn and Treg Bradley are conscious consumers, and avid travelers that create a product to provide stylish and functional solutions for enjoying and storing cannabis at home or on-the-go. They partnered with Noise 13 for a brand strategy and identity system that elevates the cannabis lifestyle.

Sesh understands the needs of modern consumers who take their daily herbal consumption seriously. Our objective was to create a respectable brand that values quality and design from the product to the branding.

By positioning itself as a tastemaker, Sesh also aims to revolutionize the cannabis space to be unapologetic, innovative, and fashion-forward.

The Sesh Case, is a sleek colorful container inspired by Bento-style lunchboxes that keeps your stash fresh and organized. We use this as inspiration for the logotype with rearrangeable letter forms to emulate the modular system. Custom arrows making up the letters’ counter space convey the case’s on-the-go nature. Lifestyle photography, punchy bud-inspired colors, and a graphic logo express the bold, stylish personality of the brand.

We created a set of brand assets, that like the products, balances both functionality and style. The product and its identity system are a departure from the old days of cheap plastic canisters and plastic baggies for cannabis storage. Sesh is now equipped with a brand system ready to elevate the cannabis experience.