Edge Computing that Powers Communities

Greensparc is building the internet infrastructure for a truly decentralized future. By making sustainable cloud computing available in hard-to-service regions and leveraging locations near local power plants, Greensparc’s smaller, more localized data centers are optimized from the ground up for sustainability, rapid deployment, and resilience. Greensparc needed a cohesive articulation of their value proposition as a green and equitable partner to their investors, vendors, and the communities they serve.

Greensparc’s blueprint for a greener and more connected world inspired our discovery phase as we sought to clearly articulate their unique positioning. Insights gathered during the D&A phase lead to their focus on connecting: connecting data centers closer to the power source to save energy, connecting local communities to internet infrastructure, and connecting those same communities as investing partners for the long term of those locations. Connecting power, access, and communities is the core of Greensparc’s value.

With a strategic foundation in place, we designed a brand system of strong messaging, connected graphics, and an approachable identity. Keeping humans central to the story through clear messaging and community imagery, our design added a more connected feeling to the idea of the data center being within and in service of communities.

We believe connectivity is both a human right and an engine of growth. We were thrilled in helping Greensparc harness the power of their collective knowledge base and their mission to bring sustainable infrastructure to the edge. This unique brand position is already helping their team to make new connections, bringing in more partners, and exciting the community as they plan for their first launch locations in Alaska.

“I can’t say enough good things about the work Noise 13 has done for Greensparc, they’ve really helped us refine our brand/message/vision in this launch year.”

Sam Enoka, Co-Founder, CEO