Ho & Lacy

Dream, to Design, to Done

When Ho&Lacy Architecture approached us to help launch their studio identity, we knew our customer-centric collaboration would be the perfect fit for their hands-on and personal style. Our objective was to deliver a scalable identity system that captured the marriage of modernism and warmth that sets them apart, while leaving room for their DIY notes and other high touch correspondence.

Through our discovery phase, we found that Ho&Lacy offers a truly unique client experience centered around warmth, collaboration, and honoring precious rituals. To effectively communicate their friendly approach, we developed a strategy to supply them with elegant system elements that would foster human connections throughout every stage of their projects. From the initial greeting to the final housewarming, our aim was to empower them to create deeply meaningful connections.

Our collaboration with Ho&Lacy Architecture focused on refining their personal style, including an iconic ampersand that incorporated the two Js from their first names. Additionally, we integrated their love for nature by selecting a range of classic professional colors that complemented a deep green, bringing the outside in, just like their home designs. The resulting brand assets and website, along with our tone of voice platform and guidelines, equipped them with powerful and consistent messaging.