Igniting the Revolution of Immersive Experience

Adventr is a platform of endless possibilities. Empowering creatives to bring an entirely new realm of experiences to life, they believe that the next generation of interactive, connected media should be accessible to everyone.

As their branding partner, we were approached with a proposition unique in software – to create an identity and brand system that would articulate the rebellious and cool freedom of exploration, calling to action the creative seeker in us all.

Backed by enthusiasm for its new powerful platform that makes it easy to create smart, interactive media, Adventr lets anyone tap into unrestrained creativity and push the boundary of what’s possible forward with a simple click and drag. During our D&A phase, we focused on distilling the essence of the company to create messaging pillars and guidelines.

With limitless applications in film, social media, dynamic shopping, and multi-media storytelling, we focused on a strategy rooted in the company’s core value proposition –  the limitless, democratized potential of its powerful interactive software platform available to anyone.

Born from a lineage of groundbreaking creatives in music, art, tech, and design, Adventr is not a brand, but a way of seeing the world.

We honed in on a typographic representation centered around the concept of forward motion. With a strategic foundation in place, we designed a brand system anchored by movement and interaction, visually showcasing the transition between choices users can take when immersing themselves in the content.

In order to illustrate the inherent freedom of choice the platform offers to both its creators and the end users, we created flexible typography, animations, presentation decks, lifestyle imagery, and social media templates underscored by a modern, digital palette inspired by the Metaverse.

Cool, experimental, limitless-these are words not heard often when it comes to software. Adventr’s unique challenge to differentiate its brand as a truly innovative new platform for creative seekers allowed us to create assets as varied as the choose-your-own-adventure quality of the platform itself.

With assets and strategy to match the awesome vibe and style of founders and the company itself, our brand articulation for Adventr re-sparked the infectious company culture attracting new top talent and vendors, as well as gave the team a blueprint for its visual look and feel in the interactive marketplace as a forward-thinking and innovative group of leaders.

“Noise 13 has taken what we’ve shared into account and has helped make something meaningful. I can’t wait to start showing people what you’ve created and how creators can flourish within it.”

Devo Harris, CEO