Delicious Memories, Crafted into an Heirloom

We were thrilled when Sri Bodanapu approached us to help build The Heirloom Project, an easy-to-use platform for the collection, collaboration and printing of cherished recipes, photos and memories as bespoke cookbooks.

Foundational research and strategy delivered our primary goal: to create a website that is not only clear and intuitive, but also visually stunning, and delightful user experience. To compliment this, we targeted strategic brand assets that speak to the essence of family, memories, joy, and of course, delicious, home-cooked food.

The Heirloom Project’s logo needed to be at the center of their personality. We landed on a truly special mark that speaks to home and professional chef’s alike. The dutch oven pot with a collection of ingredients, supported by an open book, conveyed the coming together of family to craft this unique heirloom. We filled their brand guide with playful elements, including ingredient icons, expressive fonts, food colors, and a warm photography style. Cultural diversity in color and tone was a priority to ensure that cuisines from across the globe can be celebrated, together. Development of the website was focused on frontend simplicity, powered by a deeply robust backend to collect, categorize and organize large amounts of recipe data. We designed two sites working in unison, one intended as the marketing and sales tool, the other as a cookbook builder. Users are able to upload, share and immortalize their favorite recipes without frustration, on a powerful site, deliciously built.

Proud to have partnered with Chef Sri from “Soup to Nuts” on this project, The Heirloom Project is now able to market, promote, facilitate and deliver not only gorgeous keepsake cookbooks, but a fun and impressively personalized experience. We’re excited to see how they grow and scale as more and more home chefs cook up something great!

“Being a first time founder and a solo founder, your team was incredible collaborators and really invested in my product. Your team has supported me in every way that I needed support. You’ve been my dream partners – I can’t believe I found the best design team in San Francisco on Google!”

Sri, Heirloom Founder