World Wrapps

Refreshing a Brand with Global Flavor

World Wrapps, a West Coast restaurant chain and a pioneer in the creation of gourmet wraps, has been tempting San Francisco foodies since the early 1990s. In 2017, the original owners, three longtime friends, are back to boldly take the chain into the future. One of their first tasks: reposition the brand to show that World Wrapps’s days of innovation aren’t behind them.

In order to recapture the hearts, minds, and appetites of guests, the new brand positioning highlights the global nature of the restaurant’s flavors. We summed this up in a new tagline: Destination Flavor. Travel served as inspiration for an update to the brand positioning and brand identity. The logotype’s stamped texture was inspired by street food signage mixed with a passport stamp, while the color palette conjures images of a Moroccan spice market.

We carried the traveler’s experience throughout the restaurant’s environment. Branded packaging included drink cups, tray liners, and wrapping paper for the nori rolls, summer rolls, and wraps. We also built an stamp-style icon set and custom patterns, and rolled them out onto the restaurant’s menu boards, interior decor and staff uniforms. Last but not least, we built a website to tell the World Wrapps story, integrate with an online ordering system, and tantalize user tastebuds.

The Noise 13 team loves exploring new flavors and cuisines, and we’re always searching for a healthy option. World Wrapps is positioned to re-engage their audience with a reimagined menu, a carefully curated atmosphere, and a new brand that communicates their inspiration and values. We could eat at World Wrapps everyday to satisfy our cravings and never get bored!

The new brand system continues to grow as the World Wrapps team has remodeled 2 locations and opened 4 new ones in the new system.