Branding for a New World View

Our Opportunity
Driven by a mission to image the Earth everyday, Planet plans to provide access to an abundance of data about our world that has never before been possible. The ultimate goal: to democratize satellite information.

With such an uncharted endeavor, Noise 13 set out to create a brand identity that would appeal to an audience beyond image analysts and researchers.

Our Approach
Working closely with the Planet team, Noise crafted the brand positioning to speak to the company as it exists today, but remain scalable for the future. Through desktop research, workshops, interviews, and a decent amount of intuition, the positioning captures the balance between the functional and emotional benefit of the brand. Succinctly put, the tagline “See change. Change the world.” helps communicate the brand essence in a moment, while also serving as a guide for the brand’s external messaging.

With strong positioning in place, we began an extensive visual exploration. As a nod to the former identity, the circle within the logo bridges the gap between yesterday and today. It symbolizes the Earth very literally, but also communicates openness, appealing to the brand’s humanitarian inclinations. It also serves a dual purpose as it represents a satellite’s orbit, a reference to the constantly updated data that Planet will deliver to its customers.

Through collateral and website design, Noise crafted a brand that will have staying power for the expanding company. The use of color and detailed icon illustration support the visual identity while allowing for the spectacular satellite images to shine in their own right. This balance of visual elements showcases Planet’s product and establishes a recognizable look and feel for the company.

The Outcome
What would you do if you could see the Earth’s changes everyday? How would it impact your business, use of natural resources, habits, etc.? As Planet emerges as the first company to take images of the entire world everyday, Noise 13 is excited to partner with them — to help Planet “see” their brand and recognize its potential, the way they plan to unlock and help us “see” the world. How on Earth could we not get excited about that?

We enjoyed doing our part to help introduce Planet’s fascinating technology to the general public, touching on everything from the website to the collateral. We look forward to what the future holds for Planet and hope to continue to be a part of it!

"See Change. Change the World." has become the main statement for the company from new radio ads to their huge banner on wall street during their public offering.