Cannabis is a lifestyle. It’s food & beverage, it’s health & wellness, it’s travel & hospitality — it couldn’t be a more natural fit for Noise 13.


We bring almost 20 years of lifestyle experience to the table, and we layer cannabis into our already-established verticals, making us the perfect design and marketing partner for your cannabis brand. Whether you need to align your internal company goals or are looking to expand your existing product line, we’ll be by your side for the entire journey.


Our Services


We understand the nuances of bringing cannabis brands and products to life, and that its challenges often span multiple channels. We offer complete solutions, with expertise ranging from high-level strategic positioning, to identity, packaging, and website design.

From experience, we know that packaging can be a particular challenge. We’ve worked with consultants who are up to speed on the latest laws (we know they are a moving target, and we always make sure your brand is compliant), as well as printers who have experience creating child-resistant packaging. And when you’re ready to introduce your brand to the world, we’ll collaborate closely with you and our video production partners to create amazing content.

Noise 13 also partners with Marin Medicinals to support our canna/hemp clients with everything from compliance and sourcing to legal and manufacturing. More details on this offering coming soon.

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As consumers become more sophisticated, they’ll be looking for a language around the use of cannabis—and now is the time to create it.

—Kate Shay, Director of Business & Innovation

Our Work


Working in the lifestyle space for nearly two decades has made us experts in brand experience and storytelling. As the cannabis industry rapidly evolves, it’s obvious that these attributes are driving the purchasing decisions of discriminating consumers. Here are some of our favorite projects that showcase our understanding of messaging, identity, and design systems for discerning audiences, both in and outside of the cannabis space.

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Om Edibles


OM is an incredibly personal brand to its founder Maya Elisabeth. We worked with OM to better communicate their legacy and expertise in creating luxurious infused topicals, edibles and elixirs. In our refresh, we incorporated a line-art version of the sacred Sri Yantra symbol, and increased the vibrancy of the color palette to reflect OM’s energy and passion.

Skunk Factory


We loved their established street style aesthetic. With that as inspiration, we built a brand identity that showcases their bold, ambitious, and unapologetic attitude, as well as the multiple levels of mood/effect, flavor, and product compositions. Starting with the handheld vape kit & cartridges, we are also working on flower and sauce packaging.



Food writer Marcia Gagliardi came to us looking to create a “fun younger sister” brand to her current weekly newsletter, tablehopper. She asked us to create a brand identity focused around her experiences microdosing, or the practice of consuming very small, controlled doses of the active ingredients in cannabis.


Kiva Confections


A leader in edibles, KIVA Confections worked with Noise 13 to enhance their in-dispensary marketing materials and sales kits. We helped them showcase the quality of their products and keep them front of mind for budtenders.



We developed naming, branding, and a packaging system for Dovana, a sophisticated cannabis-infused caramel, that positions this top-notch product as both luxurious and approachable — as well as compliant.

Revel & Rouse


Revel & Rouse is a passion project created by the women-led team at Noise 13. An online destination for women interested in exploring a cannabis centric lifestyle, Revel & Rouse focuses on raising awareness about trends in food & beverage, low-dose, wellness, and design.


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