Born to Lead, Built to Scale

HERBL came to us with an excellent opportunity: to evolve their brand system and online presence to communicate HERBL’s deep business prowess and connection to the brands they serve in a sophisticated, dynamic personality.

Starting with strategy, and our Discovery & Analysis workshop, our findings highlighted HERBL’s maximum value. Our goal was to promote their expertise, legacy, and ability to grow supplier, retailer and investor organizations through the establishment of strategic brand assets and an information rich and visually engaging website.

We utilized the foundational strategy to craft graphical elements that would speak to one of their mottos, “Build for Scale.” With their company positioning at the heart of the work, we created a dynamic brand system, including guidelines for information hierarchy, typographical rules, and photography art direction, with detailed grid layouts for both print and digital applications, allowing them to have room to scale themselves.

For the web presence, we delivered a user experience and information hierarchy to showcase their leader-board brands, retailers and partnership services, while maintaining a strong connection to the legacy of work that had been required to create the business and opportunities that exists today, inside the industry.

HERBL is proud to relaunch their website with a fresh, strategic brand system and the confidence that these tools will help their team to convert future partnerships. California’s most powerful cannabis distribution network now has a system to support their strategic growth for years to come.

We are thrilled for their next chapter and dedicated to equipping our partners with the tools they need for growth.

“Noise 13’s professionalism is best in class, their deliverables were on point, and they were great at being adaptable and problem solving. Definitely worth the investment.”

Sam Carey, HERBL