Josu Salt

A Salt Rich with History

Josu may not be the only sea salt farmed in Southeast Korea, but it is the first to be sold individually in America. Noise 13 met the founders of Josu through our network of passionate foodies and were drawn to this salt with a story, a multigenerational, family-run salt farm with a rich history, who still employs traditional practices to this day. We are proud to have established a dynamic brand system able to position and promote these sophisticated flavors for direct-to-consumer audiences.

Starting with nothing more than high-grade sea salt and a beautiful family story, Noise 13 began to interview our deep network of chefs, restaurant owners, consumer packaged goods experts and successful entrepreneurs to uncover Josu’s optimal opportunities. Having brought many fresh products to market, we were thrilled to offer Josu a fuller model of business consulting to help optimize beyond traditional branding support.

From brand identity, to packaging, to digital presence and unboxing experiences, Noise 13 delivered uncomplicated, strategic designs to scale with Josu’s sales growth and product expansions.

Moodboards incorporated history, travel, and vibrant cuisines that drove assets paying homage to Korea’s rich history and cuisine. The Brand Identity included a logo and icon assets that evoke a sense of togetherness and family, incorporating hand-hewn elements. Our designer even went the extra mile to create a bespoke design texture from apple slices, to achieve this custom feel.

Packaging prioritized a clean, dynamic design that could quickly and clearly articulate the flavor profiles of each product but also the story of Josu’s origin. Using sustainable paper and tin tubes, we are honoring the planet that provides this elemental product.

As the salt was traveling to America for its premiere, Noise 13 began connecting Josu’s founder to crucial contacts from chef’s to entrepreneurs and even sourced their social media manager, a food influencer ready to strategically engage adventurous eaters. Every detail of business operations has the power to build a brand, and we were passionate about supporting Josu each step of the way.

With Noise 13’s partnership, Josu launched with 5 delicious flavors of their incredible Yellow Sea salt, rich in minerals complimented by a brand story that communicates its journey to your table. Supported by assets as dynamic as their flavors, Josu is now able to flourish in a complex and nimble retail environment, making business choices that take advantage of emerging opportunities. They are a brand that goes above and beyond to ensure quality, authenticity, and great food, and we are thrilled to have matched their dedication to this product line.

“I don’t know how exactly they did it, but Dava and her team took all of our stories, ideas and hand-wavy thoughts and crafted them into a website, packaging and brand experience that somehow sums it all up perfectly. We were thrilled with the results. They are delightful to work with.”

Parker Thomas