New Age Meats

Cultivating a Better Future

Food technology company New Age Meats came to Noise 13 for help establishing their brand in the exciting field of cultivated meat. They’re growing meat from the genetic information of unharmed animals, bypassing the need for the significant amount of natural resources currently invested in raising livestock. Still, in the early stages of development and FDA approval, New Age Meats was looking to create a brand to attract investors as well as potential employees and culinary partners. We worked closely with their team to create key brand messaging and an identity that is approachable, thoughtful, and inspiring; coming to life in a simple website while they continue to develop their products. We’re particularly in love with the abstract graphics representing DNA, and the “A” in the FAQ that we transformed into a pig that gives a friendly touch to the site.

We're exited to see New Age Meats continued growth from expanding their team to their $25 million in Series A post rebrand.