Fiat Lux

Are You Punk Rock or Pinkies Up

Meet your neighbors; they might make incredible clients. That is certainly the case with our friends at Fiat Lux, an artisanal, hand-made jewelry shop in the Mission district, here in San Francisco. With shop number two about to open, they knew they needed a user experience refresh to their digital store, something that would complement both highly unique physical spaces. 

Our team loved each step of the discovery phase; consuming Fiat Lux’s heavy art catalog and researching the background of the founders for inspiration. They visited both stores, collecting photos of each bespoke design choice and fully immersing ourselves in the store’s client-facing experiences in order to bring the same purposeful care into the digital realm.

In our discovery phase, it was evident that the unique design styles and personalities of the two locations needed to be translated into the online experience.

Two user experiences were designed that would enable visitors to curate their experience from the start, and find the artists most suited to their tastes. Visitors either select Punk Rock (Mission store) or Pinkies Up (Fillmore Store), and may change experiences along the way to bridge digital and in person shopping experience, the site strategically promotes piercing, welding and personal shopping services, as well. To ensure consistent and well-curated customer experiences, we designed fresh email marketing assets to complement the bespoke site and well-designed stores. Their e-store will now drive product sales as a top priority while connecting and amplifying the efforts of each of their other digital and social media channels.

The founders of Fiat Lux now have an e-commerce platform that allows them to spend less on paid advertising to compete with stores spending far more. A highly bespoke site, powered by Shopify also allows them to streamline operations and utilize one POS across all transactions. Fiat Lux works smarter and so does their “choose your own adventure” site. We are excited to see what successes and expansions lie ahead for this incredibly talented team.

Photo credit: Autumm Swisher Photography, @autumnswisherphotography