Sipsong Spirits

Collaborating With a Free Spirit

Tara Jasper is truly a free spirit. After culinary school and world travels, she returned to her roots in Northern California’s Sonoma County with a fire in her belly to craft unique liqueurs. There, she founded Sipsong Spirits, a small-batch distillery imbued with a community focus, a slow-food philosophy, and an intention to live up to its name. Tara’s hope is that when you sip her gin, you will slow down so you can hear your intuition, your inner voice, your “sipsong.”

Tara asked Noise 13 to create a flexible brand system and packaging for Sipsong Spirits, that could grow as she develops new blends of gin. Through close collaboration, we developed a holistic, strong, feminine brand identity inspired by Tara’s fun and vibrant energy.

Our first task was to create a label for Indira Gin. As the name hints at, this gin is created with warm East Indian botanicals. The tasting notes include juniper, angelica root, orange, bay, lavender, pink peppercorn, kaffir lime, coriander, hibiscus and cumin. Like the flavor of Sipsong’s gin, the packaging is unexpected. We drew inspiration from Tara’s approach to business: surrounding herself with a wide circle of collaborators who she holds close and supports in return. We created a unique, rounded shape for the bottle packaging to mirror this human connection, and reflect the unexpected flavors of the gin. The color palette and illustration style were inspired by Indira’s ingredients and a painting that hangs in Tara’s home.

The first bottling of Indira Gin sold out in less than one week! Indira is now available at Whitechapel, the largest gin bar in the United States.

Primed for expansion

In 2019, Tara released Spring Gin, a seasonal liquor infused with pea tendrils, fava leaves and flowers, and Douglas fir tips. We developed a fresh color palette for this seasonal beverage, and added a wax dip to the bottleneck for a unique twist.

Indira Tea

With Indira Tea, everybody can stay at the party! For this non-alcoholic and caffeine-free herbal tea blend, we rotated the curved, welcoming shape of the gin label to appear as a teacup, and added little details like delicious mocktail recipes and a custom die cut sticker to seal the tube’s cap and add a hand-crafted touch.

“I really felt like Dava and the team at Noise 13 were listening even more than to the words I was saying. They got me, they understood the product, they completely understood and brought the brand to life. I could not be more pleased with their work.”