Redefining Car Ownership for the 21st Century

Mobiliti is a vehicle subscription service that offers drivers choices and flexibility. Not ready to purchase or lease? No problem. You can pay one monthly fee and drive until you’re ready to decide.

The creative entrepreneurs who founded Mobiliti recognized the traditional model for getting a vehicle was broken, and they came up with a community-centric solution that might just revitalize the auto industry.

Mobiliti has two distinct audiences with needs that can seem almost at odds: a growing population of millennial drivers not ready to commit to long-term vehicle ownership, and car dealer partners who seek to bring in new customers and make sales. For the latter, we needed to address their concern that subscriptions might cannibalize leasing and purchasing sales. Our key insight was to position subscriptions as a “step along the journey” to ownership, which can help bring a wider set of potential customers into dealerships.

Introducing a Visionary Connector

This positioning helped us envision how Mobiliti will build relationships with dealers, with customers, and between dealers and customers, and we identified Mobiliti’s brand personality as a “visionary connector.” We incorporated the theme of Mobiliti’s being at the center of these connections through identity, messaging, voice, and brand expression.

We chose Futura as the font for its bold personality, one that is charismatic and commands attention. Geometric patterns are incorporated in the logo and design elements to provide texture and detail, to give a sense of movement. The overall look and feel of the brand is both elevated and inviting, helping dealers and drivers feel like they are participating in something truly special.

The logo was inspired by Mobiliti’s business model of being flexible, responsive, creative, fluid, and swift. It represents “Endless Possibilities!” for car ownership.

Launching a Fresh Take on Vehicle Ownership

We were pleased to learn Mobiliti used our brand book and materials as a key sales tool, helping them to win large new accounts. In one case, it was distributed internally throughout a major auto brand as an example of fresh branding.