In/Visible Talks 2019

Exploring the Creative Process

In/Visible Talks is the Bay Area’s leading conference that celebrates the art of design and creativity. After the success of the first In/Visible Talks in 2018, we were thrilled to expand the brand for the 2019 event.

The new brief had two parts: to solidify the company brand so it could be used between conferences over a longer period of time, and to create a new look and feel for the 2019 conference brand. We were challenged to make both brands feel fresh, inspiring and connected  for an audience of designers and creative thinkers.

We loved the hand-crafted touches of the 2018 In/Visible Talks company, and wanted to give 2019 a more polished look. We unified the logomark, retaining the bright feel of the first year, and added a playful symbol system to represent interactions one might encounter as a creative.

Attendees of In/Visible Talks 2019 hailed it as a resounding success. The touchpoints of the brand, from environmental to print, web to AR, temporary tattoos to enamel pins, created a cohesive world for the day of the conference. Speakers and sponsors alike left with inspiration, insight, and some amazing swag bags. The clients were thrilled, too; cofounder Arianna Orland said, “The 2019 branding for In/Visible Talks was spot on. I absolutely love the combination of analog and digital with the use of halftones and layers, and the backdrop for the main stage made of cardboard boxes was so clever. The vibrancy and energy in the system really captured the spirit of our event. I can’t wait to see what the team has in store for 2020.”

Brand Inspiration

For the 2019 conference brand, we wanted to honor all parts of the creative process: new discoveries and attention to detail, the refined and the naive. We found inspiration in all the tools that creatives use, from paint brushes and typewriters to wooden figure models and our own hands. We created a library of bitmapped images, harkening back to dot matrix printers and risographs, and used natural elements like cardboard, kraft paper and canvas throughout the brand system.

“It was such an inspiring atmosphere! The speakers were amazing, and everything was so well-organized with every little detail thought through!

Anastasia Baula + Alex Zyuzikov