We Won 2 Graphis Awards, and it Feels So Good

Great news! Noise 13 has won TWO Graphis Silver Awards for our work creating an illustration library and an illustrated video for community-oriented Fremont Bank, here in the Bay Area. Graphis celebrates excellence in the fields of graphic design, advertising, photography, and art. We are so proud to have our work featured alongside a legacy of incredibly talented winners. 

The Project

In 2019, Fremont Bank asked Noise 13 to revitalize their brand, differentiate them in their field, and emphasize what makes them stand out as a bank…their devotion to personalized care in banking. Immediately, we knew we wanted to use illustrations to make them stand out in their field. We decided that each illustration in their library would depict a certain benefit of banking with Fremont Bank. 

We started with our full-bleed library. For the idea of home ownership, we showed a classic backyard barbecue on a sunny summer’s day, with everyone enjoying good food and good company. To show the benefits of financial security, we illustrated a classic First Friday in downtown Oakland, a block party with something for everyone, whether you’re on a date or out with your friends. Finally, to celebrate all Fremont Bank’s communities, we showed a landscape of neighborhoods from around the Bay Area, collaged together, with trolley cars running throughout. 

Libraries are Not Just for Books

From there we developed our spot illustration library. To convey the idea of business ownership, we illustrated a grand opening party, infused with whimsy and confetti. Illuminating the central role that Fremont Bank plays in the community, we crafted a neighbor handing money to a Fremont Bank employee, and another employee handing money to a shop owner. Just like any great community partnership, it takes all of our illustrations, and all of the neighborhood, to work together and make the community great! Finally, for an all-purpose finance illustration, we showed actual money growing on actual trees, with a squirrel getting in on the action…we got just a little nutty with it. 

Community in Motion

We also brought the illustrations to life in a one-minute explainer video to launch Fremont Bank’s new mobile app. The video shows a world living inside the bank’s logo, zooming in until the logo becomes the rolling golden hills of the East Bay, and continuing on a journey to illuminate all the services the mobile app offers. We kept the phone mockup centered in the frame, but always made sure there was something fun to catch your eye and inspire curiosity and engagement. All the people, buildings, and vignettes were carefully customized, from our full bleed and spot illustrations, to keep it visually interesting and to celebrate the entirety of the Bay Area.

From day to night, from a backyard barbecue to a night out with friends, we loved bringing our illustrations to life. Motion added an extra dose of whimsy, striking the perfect tonal balance for this financial institution with a heart, Fremont Bank.


The client was thrilled with all their powerful new elements and recently launched a brand new website featuring this new brand we partnered to create. Fremont Bank now has a cohesive look that will serve them for years to come. We’re proud to be both a partner and a member of their community, and proud to have our work honored by Graphis!