July’s Top 13: “Fun in the Sun” Accessories of Summer

July 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

Beach or mountains, lakes or oceans, splash pads or snorkeling, whatever your summer plans hold, this month’s TOP 13 is dedicated to all things sun and fun. Our staff love to spend time appreciating the incredible gifts of Mother Nature. It’s also one of the reasons why we’re so passionate about sustainability and ecologically friendly design and print practices…. Gotta protect that Momma!

While not every recommendation has the most enigmatic visual design, branding is all about that complete experience from visual, to functional to sensory; delivering excellence requires delighting from every angle. So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect Bluetooth speaker to amp up your vibe or a gorgeous and Earth-friendly beach towel, we’ve got the reco’s for you! This tasty list of summer delights is full of summer amenities that deliver.

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer

  • Do you like or do you LOVE a good beach towel? The perfect selection is versatile, eco-friendly, and … repels sand?!?! That’s right, this incredible, ethically made, and 100% cotton Minna beach towel is perfect as a bathing suit wrap, beach blanket, sunshade, or just about whatever challenge you can throw at it. From Palm Springs to Santa Cruz, this towel has you covered.
  • What’s a beach day without a grill-out? From veggie dogs to catch-of-the-day, the beautifully designed CUBE grill from chef and pioneer of “multi-sensory cooking,” Heston Blumenthal, brings the heat… and so much more! Available in 5 colors and is a delightfully easy pack and go, this beach grill has everything you need.
    Instagram @everdurebyhestonblumenthal

Andre’s Picks: Associate Creative Director

  • Every good beach day deserves a soundtrack. We’re obsessed with the classic design for The Wailing Wailers LP. Those colors, Bunny’s leg extending over the graphics, the weird crossbar on the E… we love some pre-digital graphic design! Plus, every beach playlist worth its sea salt should have “Simmer Down,” Bob Marley’s first hit of his career as a songwriter and performer.
    Instagram @thewailersofficial

Jane’s Picks: Sr. Branding Strategist

  • Jane’s got tons of tattoos and every desire to keep them looking fresh, that’s why sunscreen is a must in her beach bag. Everyone’s got their favorite but her go-to for years has been Sun Bum. It smells amazing, is easy to find, covers her completely AND it’s reef-safe! Good for people and for planet. She digs the SPF 100 but you don’t have to go that high to find the right protection.
    Instagram @SunBum

Elaine’s Picks: Designer

  • Hey, Nice typeface! Summer is all about staying cool and that’s exactly what The Nice Company offers, from all angles. Their gorgeous and playful ice cream packaging goes together with summer fun like mint and chocolate chip, like rocky and road. This treat is the perfect accessory for staying cool at the beach and beyond!
    Instagram @thenicecompany_za
  • Sip and chill; why not take your bevvies to the next level? We love the abstract, work-of-art can designs of Nomadica and Hiyo – perfect to inspire creative daydreams on long, lazy summer afternoons.
    Instagram @nomadica @drinkhiyo

Meb’s Picks: Designer

  • These fun accessories from Not Pot are not only beautifully designed, they’re essential to your summer cool factor at the beach and beyond. We love the playful colors and designs that evoke all your best childhood memories. Try the CBD Icy Gel for some after-sun relief and a delightful design.
    Instagram @notpot
  • Looking to expand your mind this summer? Somebody’s Daughter, the celebrated new memoir by Ashley C. Ford, is the perfect beach read with a gorgeous cover. Ashley is brave, bold, brilliant and oh so charming. This memoire will inspire kindness towards your youthful self, a practice that is so loving and valuable and great summer work for your soul. Bonus: it’s Oprah & Brene Brown-approved!
    Instagram @smashfizzle @oprah @brenebrown

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

  • With these breezy hats from Piña & Coco you’ll have it made in the shade. We love the custom illustrations and inventive packaging! These chapeaus are the perfect way to bring the beach vibes into the city for long, leisurely brunches.
    Instagram #pinaycocohats
  • Not just any beach chair makes the cut, but … make it high quality, beautiful, comfortable, AND eco-conscious? Yes, please! The Resol Rattan Beach Chair is lightweight, flat-folding, made from natural materials, and perfect for lounging all day.
    Instagram @resolbeach

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer

  • Wouldn’t be a day by the water without games and playful competition. The Lucite Jumbling Tower from Sunnylife is waterproof, shatterproof, lightweight, with its box for easy storage. The rainbow edition adds more fun to your summer beach day.
    Instagram: @sunnylifeaustralia
  • Manifatura embraces centuries-old craftsmanship techniques and timeless design. Their flat weave beach towels are inspired by the Ottoman bathing rituals. They are made from 100% long-fiber Turkish cotton, they are soft, absorbent, lightweight, and quick-drying.
    Instagram: @manifaturanyc

Zili’s Picks: Junior Designer

  • This Turkish iced tea is refreshing on so many levels. Check out the fresh, invigorating label designs from Melez Iced Tea. Major cool factor while chilling out at the backyard bbq.
    Instagram: @meleztea

So what did we miss? Do you have any favorite eco-friendly, sustainably-made, fair trade, and ethical beach products the world should know about? Let us know!

And as always, we are here for all your branding, strategy, messaging, and design needs and are always looking for partners who would like to grow something great together. Reach out to to start the conversation!