August’s Top 13: Feel-good Family Fashion

August 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

Have you ever looked at a kid and thought, “Hmm, I wonder if they make that in my size?” No? Just us? Kid’s fashion these days is pretty impressive and fashion-forward. Even large, corporate, family brands are getting in on the impressive threads. However, the challenge of “fast fashion” is still a considerable issue, even if each product is small(er).  

Pollutants, dyes, waste byproducts, humane factory environments for workers, every challenge we read about in the clothing industry is very real with kid’s clothing. Plus, kids are built to grow… fast. That pair of perfectly distressed denim may only last a few months before you’re running back to the store to keep your kiddo from getting called “high-water Hank,” or some other (far less clever) admonishment.  

When you vote with your dollars by supporting businesses that follow ethical and sustainable business practices, you’re really doubling down on positive change when it comes to fashion! These brands are here to help you feel good about what you wear.. We love these top 13 and can’t wait to see us all dressed up in ethical and sustainable threads!  

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer

  • Tiny tootsies have never looked so fashionable and sustainable as when they’re wrapped in these incredible kicks from Natives Shoes.
    Instagram: @NativeShoes 
  • PACT is a SF hometown hero and offers some of the most luscious, comfortable, and cute essentials. We love everything about them from their use of organic cotton, to fair trade factories, right down to their super fun packaging, which you’re encouraged to bring back for reuse!
    Instagram: @WearPACT
  • Not only does Ten Tree offer amazing basics for the whole family, but every purchase also supports the planting of TEN trees. So as your kids grow, so does the forest!
    Instagram: @TenTree

Andre’s Picks: Associate Creative Director

  • The product designers at Hello Jackalo are on a mission to do better, make better products, and change the way we buy and use children’s clothes. They are putting dreams into action to achieve a healthier and happier world for us all. They even buy back clothes in their “trade up” model.
    Instagram: @hellojackalo
  • Looking for each kid’s favorite color… the “just right” hue for the perfectly picky kiddo? Primary has what you need on the world’s softest sustainable fabrics. These outfits play together expertly and are backed by the kind of next-level customer service you thought no longer existed. 
    Instagram: @primarydotcom

Jane’s Picks: Sr. Branding Strategist

  • Mightly is the product of parents seeking items that can endure a happy beating from playful kids. Their organic cotton is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, ensuring every step in the manufacturing process complies with safety and environmental standards.
    Instagram: @MightlyMe
  • Of course one of the best ways to cut down on fashion pollutants is to wear thrifted or gently used items, like these from the Kidizen marketplace! When your kid gives them more life, they’re helping to keep the carbon footprint of each item as low as possible. Plus, they have looks for every age! Buy, sell, trade, and feel good with every purchase.
    Instagram: @HelloKidizen

Brenna’s Picks: Creative PM

  • CHNGE is shaking things up. It’s hard to meet your teen’s demand for exactly the right fashion statements, the ones they want to make. CHNGE is considered to be the more ethical and sustainable choice over other similar big brand names. So CHNGE things up with them!
    Instagram: @CHNGE

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

  • Every parent knows the frustration and resulting hit on your wallet (and the planet) when little ones outgrow their cute outfits. Beya Made has created a solution: adjustable clothes made from sustainably sourced cotton. Rompers, dresses, tees, and pants are designed to grow with children, so they can wear them up to 3 times longer.
    Instagram: @beyamade

Elaine’s Picks: Designer

  • Get your hands on Petit Pli’s innovative, sustainable garments that grow as the kids grow! They ship in fun packaging that transforms into a jetpack, perfect for creativity.
    Instagram: @petit.pli

Meb’s Picks: Designer

  • Nothing says “back to school” like a new pair of shoes! Iconic and nostalgic, the classic Converse made an upgrade with their Converse Renew collection. Several components of the shoe are made from recycled rubber, recycled polyester and cotton, and waste scraps… and we love to get scrappy to help the environment!
    Instagram: @Converse

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer

Zili’s Picks: Junior Designer

  • In 2004, John Patrick launched Organic, his signature fashion label, which speaks to beauty, ethics, and global consciousness. The brand prioritizes organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness, Organic’s supply chain is a prototype that refines those relationships.
    Instagram: @JPOrganic

 Which brands did we miss? Do you have any ethical, sustainable, pleasantly surprising brands to recommend? We’d love to know about all the incredible new materials and practices that help people and the planet thrive. 

And as always, if we can be of service to you or your organization in helping to make your brand more sustainable through design, strategy or practice, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to to talk opportunities!