Flavor Overload: 5 Themes From Summer Fancy Food Show ’24

July 02, 2024 | By Dava Guthmiller

At the Summer Fancy Food Show, I stuck my tongue out so you can have a hit list. A combination of trends and good flavors, I hope this recap has you inspired. Caveat: I’m a savory taster over sweet, so if you are looking for sweet trends this list is not for you.

Spiced Up
Flavor profiles were hot on heat, from fresh green jalapeno to habanero and Italian Calabrian chilis, to Indian and Asian curry seasoning. There was more flavor and more heat in almost every category.

Sweet as Honey
Honey was flowing this year. From being used as a sweetener instead of false sugars to flower-specific options, honey was a hit.

Better for You
Many beverages and snacks lowered the salt and sugar, used fewer ingredients, and added more protein and better-for-you grains. This theme also includes more seeds and nuts used in everything from granolas and bars to protein balls (so many date/nut balls).

Collagen Protein
From jelly sticks and gummies to ingredients in drinks, collagen is an ingredient I didn’t notice in years past. It’s a power protein on the rise.

Game Time

We are talking about game meats here. These meats are lean, from animals not on the big industrial farms, and pack a lot of extra flavor.

  • Driftless Provisions Handcraft Salami, a Good Food Award Winner, has the classics but also does a beautiful Venison Salami Picante, Elk Cacciatore, and Bison Landjaeger.
  • Fossil Farms specializes in high-quality farm-raised game and wild meats like Wild Boar, Lamb, and Venison.
  • Angel’s Salumi & Truffles works with Bison, Duck, Elk, Wild Boar, and Venison Salami; as well as Duck Breast Prosciutto and whole leg Wild Boar Prosciutto.

Other stuff I tasted that was just delicious.

A few last notes.

  • Upcycled. I was on the lookout for more products with upcycled ingredients, but bananas and grains are still winning here.
  • Boba and bubble tea showed up at 12 exhibitors. I didn’t try these as it’s not my favorite texture, but it was a trend for sure.
  • Cheese. OMG so many delicious cheeses but this list is already too long. If you want a few recommendations, email Dava. 🙂
  • And who knew you could make noodles from hearts of palm? I saw at least three brands.

Cheers to filling your pantry!