September’s Top 13: Scrumptious Sustainable Snacks

We think the best snacks are healthy ones that are ethically sourced from sustainable food systems. Thanks to these companies, it’s no longer hard to find snacks that fit the criteria and taste amazing, too. Whether you have a sweet tooth or you prefer something salty, these eco-friendly snacks are worth going nuts about!

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer 

  • Clif Family is known for their wine, but we have been snacking on their nut mixes for the last few months and can’t get enough. B Corp and delicious, there are five flavors to delight.
    IG: @cliffamily
  • I’m a sucker for crunchy and salty and love the Thai rice chips from Dang, another B Corp. Their bars and coconut chips are also good eats if you want a touch of sweet.
    IG: @dangfoods
  • Have you ever snacked on dry raman straight from the pack? This salty crunchy flavor bomb can now be found in S’noods snack noodles. Gluten free, upcycled, and snackable. We also love their Noise 13 designed logo. 🙂
    IG: @eatsnoods

Andre’s Picks: Associate Creative Director 

  • I could never find a good beef jerky alternative as a snack for camping, road trips, or every day munchies. That is until we taste tested Munchrooms in the Noise 13 office and I became an immediate fan. My favs are Smoked Teriyaki and Chili Pepper.
    IG: @eat.munchrooms

Haley’s Picks: Creative Project Manager

  • I often snack during the work day and always looking for the next best healthy alternative. Lesser Evil has provided just that. I first tasted their insanely delicious popcorn and now I never leave the grocery store without it. My all time favorite is the Himalayan Gold Popcorn, but you can’t go wrong with any of their items available in store and online.
    IG: @lesserevilsnacks

Caity’s Picks: Creative Project Manager

  • Big Spoon Roasters nut butter and bars are a delicious mid-afternoon (or breakfast) snack. Bonus that they’re a 2023 Good Food Award winner! The nut butter is great on its own, or as a topping for toast or rice cake, and the bars are an ideal grab and go for in office days. They have a ton of flavors, one of my personal favorites being the Chai Spice.
    IG: @bigspoonroasters

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

  • My pantry is always stocked with 12 Tides crispy kelp chips. Kelp removes carbon from the atmosphere 20x more efficiently than land crops and requires no fertilizers, no pesticides and no freshwater to grow. As for packaging, 12 Tides uses compostable materials that decompose entirely within 6 months when placed in a composting system.
    IG: @12tides
  • I recently discovered Sun & Swell products and they’re my new fav snack.. Fresh ingredients, packed well, shipping on time, and always a follow-up from their team. Also, like Noise 13, another certified woman-owned B Corp. The Fudge Brownie Bites are always in my bag for when the munchies hit.
    IG: @sunandswellfoods
  • RIND believes in “the power of the peel” with products that keep the rind intact in dried fruit to deliver more vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Edible peels account for 15% of food waste and by keeping the peel on, RIND has diverted over 100K pounds of food waste annually. RIND also uses non-GMO fruit that is sourced from small family farms in CA.
    IG: @rindsnacks

Elaine’s Picks: Designer 

  • Need a new snack? Check out Hive, an online marketplace with a curated selection of snacks that taste delectable and help the planet.
    IG: @hivebrandsofficial

Zili’s Picks: Designer 

  • Patagonia Provisions focuses on providing sustainably sourced and environmentally responsible food products. Their mission is to address some of the environmental issues related to the food industry by offering products that are ethically and ecologically produced.
    IG: @patagoniaprovisions

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • If you like fig and baked goods, try the fig bar from Nature’s Bakery. I always carry one with me. It’s perfect for a busy morning when I don’t have time to make breakfast or as a midday snack.
    IG: @naturesbakery

Sol’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • If jerky isn’t for you but you still want to try a mushroom snack, I highly recommend Confetti Snacks. They handcraft veggies into nutrient dense chips that are better than big brands with none of the junk. My favorite is the Green Curry Mushrooms, definitely worth a try!
    IG: @confettisnacks

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