October’s Top 13: Boo-zy Spirits for Your Bar Cart

October 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

Happy October boos, ghouls and non-binary fiends…ok, now that’s out of the way, we can get past the cute spooky puns and get down to business; the business of cocktails! 

Halloween marks the first American holiday in a 3 month succession of parties, gatherings, backyard BBQ’s, and galas that are marked by spirited celebration. Whether you enjoy “adult beverages” or craft your own boo-ze free spirits for these events, we’ve got some incredible, “can’t miss” suggestions for you!

The following products are sure to impress, and some are even pure cocktail magic.

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Jane’s Picks: Sr. Strategist

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

Meb’s Picks: Designer

Elaine’s Picks: Designer

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer

  • Makku – a craft makgeolli beer with a soft, creamy body, and an addictive hint of sweetness. @drinksool

So what did we miss? This is absolutely an incomplete list but how do you cover a world of winners in just 13 products? We’ve gotta know, what’s haunting your bar cart this season? Have a special recipe for your favorite Mezcal Old Fashioned or a Gin version of a Mule that is to die for, let your friends at Noise 13 know!

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