Get “In Tune” with Your Team

January 13, 2022

Working from home surely has its perks but boy are we missing hanging out with one another in the office! Noise 13 has had a tradition of a monthly Creative Flow that we use as a casual, creative activity to be together and let our big, beautiful brains play (with purpose). Since this tradition has moved digital, we’ve had the opportunity to utilize new platforms (stay tuned for recommendations) and capture this creative play to share!

Last month’s Creative Flow was dedicated to discovering tunes based on a theme as we were missing the collective playlists when we are all controlling the office sounds.

Steps for our playlist themed Creative Flow:

  1. Set the timer for 20 min
  2. Select a theme for your playlist ex: Holidays, Dinner Party, or New Year
  3. Hop onto Spotify and create a new playlist
  4. Add 5 (or more) songs from your selected category to the playlist.
  5. Create/Find an “album cover” and title for your playlist
  6. Share!

As you can imagine, some of us audiophiles had a really hard time picking the just right 5 songs with which to start our playlist. Thank goodness 5 was a jumping off point!

To get your fill of our future in-office tunes, check out playlists from each of our incredible staffers here. Thank you Spotify for making everything so easy to share.

New Year Playlists From:

Dinner Party Playlists From:

Holidays Playlists From:

How do you connect with your remote team? What’s been the funnest digital moment you’ve shared as a team? We’d love to know more about how you make work more human and keep connecting despite the physical divide!

And as always, if you’d like to start a conversation about how Noise 13 can support your brand from identifying team values, to engagement strategy, a brand refresh, and more, please reach out to Happy New Year!