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Threeflow is the premier Benefits Placement System, enabling brokers and carriers to manage their entire buy/sell/manage process with one shared, innovative platform. We were thrilled to partner with them to advance the existing brand system and refresh their website, to better appeal to new audiences.  

Our discovery phase unveiled a deeply complex set of relationships between each of their customer segments (brokers, carriers, buyers), highlighting the need to clearly communicate the valuable streamlining role Threeflow offers.  The insights gathered during this phase guided the visual solutions and architecture created for the new Threeflow identity system.

With a strong strategic foundation, we explored product visuals, infographics, and a more succinct color system. We (also) evolved their brand system to complement and enhance their current logo and graphic elements. From the more friendly and approachable icons to the custom line graphics inspired by their logo, their newly implemented system provides a more efficient communication of their goals and services to their different audiences. Paired with the extension to the simplified product visuals and templates for their business operations, it helped achieve the goal of an enhanced user experience while maintaining brand recognition and equity.


We were excited to help Threeflow make the most of a fast approaching moment for press by partnering with development to accomplish the most efficient and expedient launch schedule in the firm’s history. 

Empowered by fresh brand assets Threeflow is now able to offer expert service to existing customers while effectively generating new and consistent business leads. We are thrilled to help them move into this new season of growth and innovation as they improve the entire benefits system for carriers, brokers and employers making crucial business decisions.