We Celebrate All Women, by Design

March 11, 2022 | By Meb Byrne, Designer

When the Noise 13 team decided to mark International Women’s Day this year, we knew it was a special moment. As winter turns to spring and we slowly venture out of our homes, we feel both a calling to the future, as well as a grounding in the roots of the past. We wanted to create an image to celebrate women that evokes this blending of past power and future possibility.

Women have always been at the forefront of design, from the female designers of the Bauhaus School, to Sister Corita Kent, to Ray Eames and Ellen Lupton and many, many folks in between. Celebrating women is second nature at Noise 13; our founder and CEO, project management team, strategy team and all four visual designers are women. We thrive as a collaboration of female voices and ideas, and our work is always better for being part of a collective effort.

Our design team was inspired by this collaborative connection to reimagine a poster for the first ever International Women’s Day recognized by the United Nations, on March 8, 1975.  The poster was created by the feminist print collective See Red Women’s Workshop, founded in 1974. In paying homage to that collective’s body of work, we acknowledge the groundwork they laid so creatives like us can thrive today, and we are deeply grateful. 

We crafted our version of this powerful poster with modern typography, and introduced Noise 13’s brand colors and signature circle, paying tribute to the original image while making it fresh for 2022. We updated the messaging as well, changing the text to say “Solidarity with All Women Across the Globe.” We are deeply proud that International Women’s Day is inclusive of all those who identify as female, no ifs, ands or buts about it. 

This International Women’s Day and every day, we celebrate and stand with all women across the globe. We are proud to lift up the accomplishments, struggles and experiences of all women, everywhere, today and every day. And if you need a little extra encouragement today, let us offer you these sage career quotes from some huge hearted women. We are truly #BetterTogether.

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