April’s Top 13: Earth-Friendly Ingredients

April 12, 2022 | By Noise 13

Happy Earth Month to our fellow planet-lovers!  As more and more data surfaces about the impact of unsustainable monoculture farming on climate change, the conversation is heating up. Gaining prominence at major food shows like Expo East & Expo West, Mind Body Spirit, and the Natural Products Show, sustainable practices and ingredients are taking center stage. With many brands dropping unsustainable ingredients, the spotlight is growing brighter on the power of consumer buying power to encourage positive change. 

Here are 13 incredible groups prioritizing a healthy future for us all, from body to planet and beyond. 

  • Ulu Mana by Common Ground – these delicious crisps are made from breadfruit, a starchy, potato-like vegetable grown in tropical climates that is both natural to the environment and supports biodiversity.
    Instagram: @kauaicommonground
  • Nemi – as freshwater supplies dwindle, edible cactus gains favor. Crunchy and full of sabor, these cactus snacks are not only drought friendly but super delicious too!
    Instagram: @nemisnacks
  • I am NUT Ok – vegans are loving this alternative cheese that doesn’t feel the pressure to replicate dairy. They utilize traditional cheese making processes with nutty “milk” bases for fresh flavors and new cheese experiences.
    Instagram: @iamnutok
  • Fazenda Futuro – tuna is overfished but this Brazilian food tech company offers plant-based tinned tuna, powered by microalgae to replicate seafood brine and fishiness.
  • Discarded Spirits – making the most of every ingredient, this new vodka uses leftover grape skin and Chardonnay seeds to bring flavors of pear, guava and star fruit to the pallet.
  • This PKN – non-dairy no longer needs to imitate milk! Shelf-stable pecan milks promote a toasted, buttery, nutty flavor with hints of pecan pie or praline, without feeling the need to emulate cow’s milk. It’s time for a delicious perception shift!
    Instagram: @thispkn
  • La Vie – great branding, cute taglines and delicious, plant-based ingredients, what’s not to love about this French-born vegan bacon? Boasting “no one has beef with our veggie bacon!”
    Instagram: @lavie_foods
  • Mycorena – fresh fat sources are hitting the market with this fungi inspired vegan protein. It’s a more efficient production of vegan protein with highly bioavailable nutrients, double win!
    Instagram: @mycorena_ab
  • Soguima – this Portuguese seafood company understands that plant-based seafood can have some “off notes” and utilizes pickling, salting, fermenting and smoking to compliment natural flavors.
    Instagram: @soguimafood
  • Wonderlab – in search of new ways to get creamy richness without the use of dairy proteins, hemp hearts make for nutritious alternatives and incredible gelato flavors and experience. Banana cinnamon swirl sounds heavenly powered with heart!
    Instagram: @doozypots
  • Recepedia – German owned Knorr is partnering with Mexican media outlet Recepedia to make the swap! Recipes recommend trading more biodiverse ingredients inside common recipes, a great place to find inspiration! 
    Instagram: @recepediamexico
  • Hycesia’s Chef Gaetano Nani – rising temps enable tropical crops to thrive in new environments, like finger limes, with their caviar-like consistency and elegant flavor. Chef Gaetano serves them up with king prawns at his Panarea Island restaurant.
    Instagram: @hycesia_restaurant_hotel
  • Nguyen Coffee Supply – this sustainably sourced coffee uses high-quality Vietnamese robusta beans, thought to be bitter by some aficionados, leaning into their peanutty, acidic taste as a flavor asset.
    Instagram: @nguyencoffeesupply

What trends have you noticed at the store or farmers market? Any incredible, sustainable ingredients gracing your pantry shelves or recipes at home? We’re always looking for delicious new ways to support the conversation around climate change and the list above has us drooling. 

And as always, if you have a product or service that is eco-friendly, we’d love to support your growth journey with a brand refresh, positioning strategy, or well crafted design! Please reach out to to start a delicious conversation.