March Top 13: The Future is (Female and) Well Designed

March 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

In America March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate and elevate the creations, connections, and innovations made possible by women. Noise 13 has always been a team rich with female-identifying people and are currently 100% staffed by females! 

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We wanted to take a moment, this month especially, to elevate some of our favorite female-identifying designers. These incredible creatives are evolving the conversation around social justice, human design, gender fluidity, the human condition and beyond. Smart design can really change your day, and the world. 

Just check out these boss women! Follow them, buy from them, share their work – the power of lifting one another up is huge is immense. A woman’s place is…anywhere they want to show up! Let’s help them get there. 

Dava’s Picks:  Founder and Chief Creative Officer

  • Lisa Congdon – Lisa’s shop and illustration collection are so cheerful, they remind you of playing with all your favorite childhood toys while also discovering who you might be as a human. Lots of exploration possible through their eyes!
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  • Gail Anderson – Gail is a writer, educator AND designer based in NYC and all it takes is one glance to see the vibrancy of that incredible city inside her work. We’re especially in love with her work for the US Postal Service. Listen to her chat about HERstory here.
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Elaine’s Pick: Sr. Graphic Designer

Meb’s Picks: Graphic Designer

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Jr. Graphic Designer

Zili’s Picks: Jr. Graphic Designer

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

Jane’s Picks: Sr Strategist, Writer and Project Manager

We’re so grateful to these artists for sharing their whole selves with the creative community. It’s a gift to be able to view the world reimagined through each of their authentic lenses. 

So if you’re in the Bay Area and looking to safely celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re with you (in spirit)! Datebook has put together this great list of safe ways to celebrate alongside your fellow sister or mister or mister sister and everyone in between. 

As always, thank you for showing up as you every day, no one does it better! You can check out Noise 13’s other Top 13 lists right here for more inspo.