March’s Top 13: Female Fashion Icons

As a team of fashion lovers, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting female designers who have revolutionized the industry. From the pioneering work of Iris van Herpen to the innovative designs of Rei Kawakubo to the sustainability commitment of Stella McCartney, female fashion designers have left an indelible mark. Here are our Top 13.

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer 

  • Stella McCartney does great shapes and prints but she’s on this list for her use of sustainable biomaterials like mycelium, a rootlike system of fungi, and apple waste, a by-product of juice and jam production.
    IG: @stellamccartney
  • Audrey McLoghlin, founder of Frank & Eileen, B Corp certified and creator of some of my favorite basics like woven button-down shirts and soft knits. She’s designed sustainable fashion since day one.
    IG: @frankandeileen

Andre’s Picks: Associate Creative Director

  • Vivienne Westwood is largely responsible for bringing punk and new wave fashion to the mainstream. Westwood’s designs were independent and represented a statement of her own values.
    IG: @viviennewestwood
  • Rei Kawakubo, founder of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market specializes in anti-fashion, austere, sometimes deconstructed garments. She proposes new ideas of beauty by creating organic forms and protrusions in her garments, designing outfits that discard standard sizes.
    IG: @commedesgarcons / @doverstreetmarket

Caity’s Picks: Project Manager

  • Pelagia Kolotouros is a Design Director currently leading Lacostes re-entry into the fashion scene. I worked with her at The North Face where she helped bring streetwear inspiration into classic outdoor styles. It’s amazing to see what she’s doing for Lacoste and to see the FW24 collection get so much attention from Paris Fashion Week.
    IG: @lacoste

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

  • Morgane Sézalory, founder of Sézane. B Corp and Mission-led, 75% of materials in all collections are eco-friendly. The label focuses on limited-quantity items, operating with an alternative model that is both creative and  innovative. Every month, 10% of global sales are donated to programs that support access to education for children worldwide through their philanthropic program DOMAIN.
    IG: @sezane
  • Eileen Fisher, founder of Eileen Fisher. Another certified B Corp that recycles and gives new life to old textiles and discarded garments with a particular focus on inclusive and petite sizing. Additionally they collaborate with environmental conservation orgs, support artisans, empower women through the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute and operate two secondhand shops, Renew and Waste No More.
    IG: @eileenfisherny

Elaine’s Picks: Designer 

  • Iris van Herpen is renowned for her avant-garde approach to fashion, constantly pushing the envelope with her innovative designs. She seamlessly merges art, technology, and craftsmanship to create garments that are truly mesmerizing and redefine the boundaries of traditional fashion.
    IG: @irisvanherpen
  • Simone Rocha is a celebrated fashion designer known for her distinct blend of femininity and modernity in her designs. With a focus on intricate detailing and romantic silhouettes, Rocha’s collections exude a sense of ethereal elegance.
    IG: @simonerocha_

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • Sarah-Linh Tran, one of the creative directors at Lemaire. Her focus on quality craftsmanship, timeless elegance, enduring sophistication, and a relaxed fit and everyday wear that prioritizes comfort reflects Lemarie’s signature ethos. She truly embodies the brand’s essence through her personal style and views on fashion.
    IG: @lemaire_official
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the visionary designers behind The Row, have built a timeless brand celebrated for its casual elegance, precise tailoring, uncompromising quality, and simplistic shapes. The Row’s aesthetic goes beyond trends, offering sophisticated, versatile, and luxurious pieces for women of all ages.
    IG: @therow

Sol’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • Mozhdeh Matin, a Peruvian designer, collaborates with artisans to preserve Peruvian textiles and techniques, prioritizing form and detail in her designs. Influenced by community, heritage, and artisanship, her aesthetic embodies a harmonious blend of chromatic senses, gentle silhouettes, and intriguing textures. Since 2008, Matin’s creations have been thoughtfully crafted in Peru, utilizing traditional weaving and knitting methods infused with modern sophistication and textile experimentation.
    IG: @mozhdehmatinofficial
  • ESCVDO, founded by sisters Chiara and Giuliana Macchiavello, celebrates Peru’s rich textile heritage by employing local artisans skilled in knitting, weaving, and embroidery. Their handmade creations spotlight traditional Andean colorways, with a focus on traceable and responsibly sourced fabrics. With a commitment to supporting local communities, ESCVDO employs 300 artisans, predominantly women, providing a platform for skill development and preservation.
    IG: @escvdo

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