Creating with Purpose: Noise 13’s Approach to Sustainable Design

March is B Corp Month! For our team, it’s a chance to highlight what sets us apart in the industry. 

As a proud B Corporation, we prioritize the planet’s well-being and people over profit. We’re not just about creating designs or building brands that resonate or tell a story; we’re also serious about sustainability. 

Our B Corp Certification is a big part of who we are, inspiring us to deliver exceptional and environmentally responsible designs. When you choose to work with our team, you get more than a partner in design and branding—you’re joining us on a mission to a more sustainable future.

The Material Difference: A Strategic Approach to Sustainable Design

Sustainability at Noise 13 is a hands-on, practical affair. As a team, we have always emphasized the significance of material selection in design, considering how a product looks and feels just as much as its environmental impact. 

Each material we thoughtfully consider in the design process carries a story, a lifecycle, and a footprint. We strive to ensure that every story we help to tell inspires positive change and minimal environmental impact.

From Plastic to Glass and Beyond

We guide our clients through selecting sustainable materials that align with their values. Transitioning from a plastic container to one made of glass with an ocean plastic lid isn’t merely a design decision—it’s a conscious effort to combat pollution and waste while extending a product’s lifespan. It’s our way of showing that design has the power to influence and inspire sustainable practices, empowering us all to make a difference.

Paper Picks that Embrace the Cycle of Sustainability

In the print world, our commitment to sustainability shines through our choice of papers. We prioritize recycled content papers that offer the potential for future recyclability. This approach ensures that our designs are not just transient but part of a larger, ongoing cycle of sustainability, reinforcing the brand identities we create with a strong spirit of environmental responsibility.

Detail-Oriented: The Role of Compostable Adhesives

Our dedication to sustainability extends to the most minor details, including our use of compostable adhesives. These nuanced, thoughtful considerations illustrate our commitment to ensuring that every layer of our design is instilled with intention and responsibility.

Partnering for a Planet-Friendly Future

Collaborating with our team means embarking on a path toward sustainable impact. We’re not just designing but crafting a vision for a more sustainable future. For our clients, this means a partnership with a firm that elevates their brand and does so with a deep commitment to sustainability.

As designers, we hold a powerful tool for change in our hands. At Noise 13, we’re using that tool to build a future where design is synonymous with sustainability. 

Want to learn how we can work together to create compelling designs and a more sustainable world for all? We’d love to hear from you! Reach out to us at to connect.