A Collaborative Journey to Clif Family’s Vibrant, Sustainable New Look

When Clif Family re-connected with Noise 13 to reimagine their packaging, we were thrilled to partner with a brand that shares our core values around sustainability, transparency, and doing business as a force for good. As fellow B Corps, we were in lockstep in our vision and excited for this creative collaboration.

Our partnership with Clif started with their new food subscription, Mangia! And evolved into an update of all their food packaging. We are also currently redesigning their website to embrace their new style. Through our Discovery & Audit and Strategy sessions, we identified the need to embrace Clif’s unique adventurous, and playful side while celebrating their Napa roots, commitment to organic ingredients, and new B Corp certification.

The new vibrant, expressive color palette and illustration style really captured the California spirit of Clif Family. Our teams created an extended color library and design system with typography, patterns, and illustrations to ensure consistency across the entire Clif Family food experience. We especially love our famer “bee” and its bicycle of delivery goodness. This one illustration for Mangia! sparked a new illustration style that you will see on the Clif website in a few months. 

Sustainability was also core to the system, driving every design decision from material selection to printing methods. We partnered closely with Clif Family and their suppliers like ePac to vet recyclable substrates, carbon-neutral printing technology, and eco-friendly inks that minimized environmental impact.

The final packaging system from the Mangia! delivery box to the food line, proudly communicates who Clif Family is today – a sustainable, innovative leader bringing the bright flavors, bold spirit, and feel-good ethos of California to their products. On the shelf, the designs simply pop with energy. We can’t wait to see the full line on retail shelves this summer.

This was a true collaborative partnership. Our teams were united in creating packaging that authentically embodied the Clif Family purpose and captured the magic of their regionally sourced ingredients. Keep an eye on our website for a full case study soon and get your subscription to Mangia! the sustainable food subscription box that enhances your every day with limited-edition, small-batch, delicious goods from Napa’s Clif Family farm and friends.

(PS new Clif website coming soon).