March Top 13: Favorite Event Branding

March 13, 2019 | By Noise 13

From conferences to salon-style discussions, we relish in design and art events to rejuvenate us creatively. For us, inspiration is drawn from not only the topics presented but also the design and curation of events. Besides our own In/Visible Talks, here are a few favorites.


Want to get mega hands on? Check out how the Brand New Conference 2018 uses materials to make a design system that is authentic and innovative.


Rarely do you see design conference branding like DesignThinkers, which is completely void of color and leans heavily on type as the main imagery.


A well-executed minimal color palette and clean execution is always inspiring to us. Check out design for the annual 99U Conference.


Fun and interactive type always appeals to us when it comes to event design, and Typographics’ brand identity achieves this nicely. 


Bold visual graphics catch the eye and one of our favorite examples is the design for the Visual Playground.


A smart and creative identity system is trend agnostic, and we love how the design came together for the Sydney Design Festival.


One of our favorite examples of effectively weaving a brand mark into a larger visual identity is seen with the design of the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.


From fibers to Burning Man sculptures, we are inspired by the Maker Faire hosted in San Francisco and believe it has something to offer for everyone.


Because it’s important to feed your creativity beyond design immersion itself—we are a fan of the bi-monthly happenings at Canopy in San Francisco. Topics covered range from food as medicine to cannabis education.


As one of the most influential design conferences to emerge, OFFF Barcelona, is not to be missed. Bonus: not only is the event inspiring but it’s in beautiful Barcelona.


With a broad definition of design, the LA Design Festival is a must-see because it showcases the city’s rich and abundant design culture.


We have got to tout Design Portland for its mission of bringing together the city’s diverse creative community to shape the future of design.


Showcasing some of the most eclectic international art, Art Basel is sure to snap you out of any creative fog. Don’t miss the show in Hong Kong on March 29, or check it out in Miami in December.