September Top 13: Our Favorite Visual Expressions of Love

September 13, 2020 | By Noise 13

September 30th is National Love People Day so let’s celebrate some of our favorite visual expressions of love.

Alex Grey celebrates love in its highest form with Ocean of Love Bliss. His unmistakable spiritual-psychedelic style is always mesmerizing. 

From prints, to cards, to ceramic dishes, People I’ve Loved is definitely the place to shop for all things heartfelt. 

Take in love in its many forms by binge watching the Amazon Originals’ series Modern Love, that brings to life the wonderful stories inspired by the NYT column. 

For thirty years, Yves Saint Laurent designed and sent cards celebrating love and the New Year. 

Aundre Larrow’s photo series “No Moments Are Worthless” is a testament to the power of honesty and vulnerability. 

The upcoming film adaptation of The Boys in the Band, based on the Tony Award-winning revival, explores love and friendship between nine friends with late 60s flair. The color palettes and interior decor are looking fabulous.. 

The cinematography of Moonlight is essential in telling the story of two men reuniting after a long time. Director of photography James Laxton brings the tiniest details to our attention in this video. 

Peter Hujar’s online exhibition, Cruising Utopia, is a striking collection of portraits and photos of urban spaces and free queer sexual expression in 1970s New York. 

As designers, it’s hard not to like the word and type obsessed Ed Ruscha. His series of paper ribbon drawings from the 1960’s gave us the beautiful L’Amour

Nothing says “love” louder than Anthony Burrill’s “Love, Hope, and Joy”. The multi-story, type-based mural that consumes a Covent Garden flat, is bound to make your heart skip a beat. 

JGoldcrown Studio creates heart-filled murals that bring joyful, mood-boosting vibes to any wall they are on. 

Love can look very different to every individual, Tate’s collection reimagines what “love” can mean in the way we feel and experience it. 

The Guardian calls Love on the Spectrum, “a compassionate, human celebration of difference, and of love.” We agree and think you will too.