October Top 13: Our Favorite Veg-Friendly Designs

October 13, 2020 | By Noise 13

It’s National Vegetarian Month. Let’s celebrate some of our favorite designs of veg-friendly products.

The packaging nerds in us have to give a shout out to JUST Egg. We like how the bold, modern type and frame of the logo fit their forward-thinking product, and pop in a sea of cursive and cardboard.

Piccolo seed’s packaging is designed like a series of miniature books, perfect to display after planting. You’ll want to collect them all!

Basium Fragrances puts the organic plants in their perfumes front and center, with quiet photography and a chic website.

Youth to the People is a PRO-GRADE VEGAN™ skincare brand, also known as “Superfood for the Skin”. Its product is created with the planet in mind, they choose post-consumer material for boxes and glass for bottles and jars.

Check out Misfits Markets’ subscription box of sometimes funny-looking, always delicious produce, designed to break the cycle of food waste.

Ethos has been a well-loved vegetarian restaurant in the heart of central Lonon. We dig the clever play of plant and animal in their logomark.

Lots of great color and shapes happening on the packaging for the popular, plant-based subscription meal service, Allplants.

We’re currently working with the fine folks at Forward Greens. Their local, indoor farmed microgreens can spice up lots of your favorite dishes.

LUPii believes plant-based protein is better for all creatures. They put minimally processed lupini beans as the main ingredient front and center, with vibrant packaging, lively photography and an energetic website.

Oatly found a way to make a nutritious liquid product for people who just didn’t like cow’s milk or were unwilling to use it for personal reasons. Being one of the leading brands in milk-alternatives, they keep it clean and fresh with their fun and friendly packaging, and out-of-the-box typefaces.

Better for your coffee. Better for the planet. Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk is a dairy alternative targeted toward coffee drinkers and made by coffee professionals. Their illustration of a person in a chicken suit is a nice, personality-filled touch.

Mushroom Chips? You bet. Shrooms might have the most on-the-nose branding one could imagine for a fungi based snack, but it’s pretty dang fun. The product is both delicious and delightfully non-psychoactive.

We’re giving props to an OG of the plant-based meat game, Tofurky. Their playful, illustration driven look will have you smiling ear to ear. Can you say (vegetarian) hotdogs, high-fiving – yes please.