Our Family Tree has Fresh Growth – Welcome André Carnevale

April 07, 2021 | By Noise 13

At Noise 13 teamwork is dreamwork, in itself. We are so lucky to have an incredible team of dynamic, kind, and super talented creatives to complete the organization. When a spot becomes available, that opening often leaves huge “shoes to fill.” It takes the exact right fit (we’re talking Cinderella’s perfectly made glass slipper fit) to contribute the right brand of brilliance, values and quirks to be our perfect match. 

And that’s where André, our fantastic new Assistant Creative Director, comes in! 

André strives to help create positive change with all his projects. His work is appropriate, accessible, considerate, beautiful and fun. A great mix, if you ask us! Over the past decade he has worked with a variety of agency clients, from small start-ups to global brands, crafting brand identities, large environmental design installations, packaging innovations, and global marketing partnership launches. Some of his personal “chart-topping” clients include: Google, Spotify, Laura Chenel, Women’s Media Center, Antech, and many more.

He was awarded an MFA in Design, where his thesis focus was on the gathering, archival, and sharing of an individual’s digital legacy in order to share with future generations. A cause that he still holds dear and for which he advocates. 

Reach out to André with design challenges that are inspiring you at