April Top 13: Innovative Brands Supporting our Planet

April 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

Happy Earth Month! At Noise 13 we celebrate our planet all year round and look forward to March as a way to share all the environmentally friendly content that’s been making us smile. This month’s “Top 13” is no different.

Check out these incredible 13 businesses who are leading the way in disrupting outdated systems and actively making our environment a stakeholder!

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Colorful Standard is a clothing retailer who manufactures their products using environmentally friendly dyes, making a huge impact on the water systems and ecology of local communities.

Regen1 (aka Food TBD) is a market-driven model supporting grower’s transition to more regenerative practices and systems through identifying and utilizing supply chain data and intelligence. It is data that helps identify appropriate regenerative practices, improving their processes with each iteration. Better farming is our favorite kind of “machine learning!’

Andre’s Picks: Assistant Creative Director

Nae Vegan Shoes sells cruelty free, sustainable, shoes made of recycled ocean PETs, plus they invest in worker rights! The best part, they are so well made and comfortable.. Great design, good company, lovely values.

• If you really love Mother Nature then the Parks Project has it all. From national parks preservation, advocacy and education to habitat and wildlife preservation, the sale of their products has supported more than $1 Million dollars of donations and enhancement. So grab yourself a baseball cap, pair of cute socks or even an afgan blanket to wrap yourself in a little outdoor love, it all benefits our parks!

Jane’s Picks: Senior Strategist and Project Manager

• We are fan-girling over Nadia Laabs of SafetyNet Technologies, an organization who builds devices that help fishermen catch the right fish and reduce bycatch by up to 90%. That’s ocean-sized change we can really see (or sea, even)!

• Efficiency expert, Osnat Michaeli of Infarm, works with urban farmers whose specialized operations can deliver an acre’s worth of fresh produce that requires less than 1% of that same acre footprint. Just imagine the implication for high density communities often associated with food deserts. Be the change, grow the change!

Brenna’s Picks: Creative Project Manager

• We may be a little partial to New Age Meats, since they are our clients, but what they’re doing is truly awesome. Their foodie scientists are growing real meat, dense with flavor, from the cells of unharmed animals, and then adding plants for texture, taste, and health. The result? A delicious culinary experience that satisfies on every level. They are removing all the guilt from your guilty pleasures!

Elaine’s Picks: Designer

• We are ready to stock up on these tree-free toilet paper and paper towels from Cloud Paper. Their bamboo paper products generate at least 30% less greenhouse gas emissions compared to their tree-based equivalents. Now that’s clean living.

Meb’s Picks: Designer

Lia has really changed the game as the first and only flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test. From the intuitive packaging, to the subtle and sophisticated branding, to the millions of pounds of wasted plastic it stands to save each year, this test is a positive in our book.

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

• “Hello!” to Imperfect Foods! They are improving food systems and eliminating waste by delivering delicious produce straight to your home, items that groceries won’t buy because they don’t look “perfect”. You can pick your faves each week to receive your custom box filled with sustainable, affordable, and highly quality groceries. Delicious by design!

• For Alima, the 3 R’s are Reduce, Reuse, and REFILL! Pure ingredients provide your best skin match yet. They’ve been members of 1% for the Planet since their inception and believe carbon free is the way to be – carbon neutral since 2008 through the Carbon Fund.

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer

By Humankind designs high-performing, personal care products that are kinder to your body and to our planet. Reducing single-use plastic waste in your daily routine is easy with their concentrated tabs for toothpaste and hand wash, and beautifully designed refillable deodorant and floss packs.

Zili’s Picks: Junior Designer

Sway materials lab is the brainchild of Julia Marsh who discovered that seaweed makes an excellent plastic substitute during her MFA thesis project. With the help of the oceans favorite weed (seaweed), Sway is working to provide products that help to reduce single use plastics in our everyday lives.

Thinking about making your brand more sustainable? No matter where you start, we can help you make the next steps to do better. It’s all about that 10% increase over time and striving towards a goal. No one needs to be “perfect” right away! Let us know how our sustainable expertise can be of use to you. Reach out today!