November’s Top 13: Gratitude List

November 13, 2023 | By Noise 13

We are all grateful for our friends and families, as well as the basics we are blessed to have like shelter, food, and our health. This list is the other stuff that goes beyond what we are grateful for every day, including all of you!

Dava’s Picks: Founder and Chief Creative Officer 

  • Entrepreneurs who are finding new uses for easy-to-replenish materials like using mycelium for leather at Mylo or using seaweed for packaging over plastics at Notpla. I’d be even more grateful to work with brands making these products come to life.
    IG: @mylo_unleather / @notpla
  • Organizers and curators like Manhattan Vintage Enterprises, who make vintage fashion the future and accessible to all.
    IG: @thevintageshow
  • Fellow B Corps including Clif Family, who take sustainability seriously. Think like a tree, act like a forest. 🙂
    IG: @cliffamily

Andre’s Picks: Associate Creative Director 

  • Grateful for all of the small business artists and designers out there, creating content, putting their work online, sharing their passion, and inspiring others with their amazing creativity. 

Haley’s Picks: Creative Project Manager

Caity’s Picks: Creative Project Manager

  • Organizations that are actively working to do better in the world, like Swing Left. Democracy only works when you participate.
    IG: @swingleft
  • All the good local donut shops in SF like Bob’s that we love to bring into the office.
    IG: @bobsdonuts

Suzanne’s Picks: Operations Leader

  • I’m grateful for SF’s abundance of beautiful greenspaces. With 220 parks and growing you’re never more than a few blocks from nature.
    IG: @sfrecpark
  • When not enjoying the city parks you’ll find me at my second home, ODC Dance Commons. More than just a dance studio it’s a place of community, inspiration, diversity and inclusion welcoming dancers of all abilities and backgrounds.
    IG: @odcsf

Elaine’s Picks: Designer 

  • Every solid business has those unsung heroes, our project managers, who basically keep the ship sailing. These folks deserve way more props for the awesome work they do.

Xiaoxiao’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • I’m grateful for the Too Good To Go app. It helps to reduce food waste, supports local businesses, and surprises me with great food at an even better price.
    IG: @toogoodtogo

Sol’s Picks: Junior Designer 

  • Grateful not only to work for a B Corp company that cares about people and the planet, but also alongside other creatives that I look up to and allow me to express myself creatively. Working with people that root for your success is truly priceless. 

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