Noise 13: A Women-led Agency Defying Stereotypes

March 08, 2018 | By Noise 13

As an organization with a female founder/CEO, we often take that unique fact for granted. For International Women’s day, we asked our Noisemakers what they thought made working for a women-led organization so unique.

We’re a collaborative crew:

Having worked in large organizations led by men, the culture was typically competitive and focused on individual gain. An organization led by women has been a completely opposite experience, everyone’s on the same team and empowering each other. The goal is producing great work from a united team.
Kate, Director of Business & Innovation

It’s empowering:

I appreciate that our leadership is sensitive to common problems among women in the workplace like lack of confidence, hesitancy, and imposter syndrome. By identifying them openly, our leadership helps us recognize and begin to overcome them in ourselves. – Tara, Senior Designer

We look out for each other:

There’s a lot more empathy in the office. We’re all mindful of each others’ needs and we make time to ensure everyone has an opportunity to express what they’re feeling, whether it’s work-related or not.
Genesis, Senior Designer

There is a level of thoughtfulness that comes through in every aspect of our work and office culture.
Elena, Jr. Project Coordinator

We take equality seriously:

The biggest difference for me has been seeing equality as an idea in action, not just an idea.
Ben, Designer

And, we defy the stereotypes:

Women-led doesn’t have to mean girly. We don’t have a girly, giggly culture. We’re actually quite serious – about our craft and our success, and about fostering an inclusive culture for everyone who works here.
Miriam, Director of Strategy

We’re very proud of what we have here at Noise 13 and look forward to the day where women-led is less unique and just a part of business.

Happy International Women’s Day!