May Top 13: Fruit-Themed Designs

May 13, 2020 | By Noise 13

May 13 is National Fruit Cocktail Day and we’re celebrating the bounty of spring produce by sharing our Top 13 favorite fruit-themed products, art, and design.


Forbidden Fruit or any of the excellent modern puzzles available from Pieceworks will bring joy to your home.


Dip into spring with these LQD hard lemonade and green teas made with natural ingredients and no added sugar.


Add some summertime zest to your wardrobe with this Citrus T-shirt.


Throw a splash of color on your kitchen walls with these bright and fun fruit posters.


If it wasn’t obvious from our last Top 13 post, we love us some Charley Harper and Watermelon Moon is one of his classics that brings a smile every time.


There is so much to like about the iconic Vera Neumann but it’s her paintings of fruit, adorning kitchen towels since the 60’s, that top our list.


Kaori Kurihara’s whimsical ceramics inspired by botanicals like durian and bananas.


The Herman Miller picnic posters designed by Steve Frykholm have become as famous and recognized as some of the company’s beloved furniture. From cherries, to strawberries, lemons, to peaches, there are so many fun looking fruits throughout this series.


Gemstones and foam form these larger-than-life sculptures of rotting fruit, exploring the beauty of decay.


If you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, be sure to craft all the fruit-themes outfits and furniture this spring!


We’re digging the hand-lettered typography on these vintage orange juice labels from the Letterform Archive.


Ogle fruit suspended in architectural gelatin as you read this social history of the Jell-O Salad.


If you’ve ever wanted to carry a watermelon around with you all day, Susan Alexandra’s Watermelon Dream is the best way to do it.