June Top 13: Anti-Racism Resources

June 13, 2020 | By Noise 13

At Noise 13, we are committed to an ongoing practice of anti-racism in our business. This means doing the work on a personal level. Here are 13 resources that we’ve found helpful so far.


Feeling overwhelmed by the endless lists of resources? Us too! This handy infographic by creative strategist Vanessa Newman (@fiveboi) has published this handy “Guide to Dealing with Resource Overload” — they shared this work free so if you find it useful show your thanks by sending them some cash via Venmo (@vansnewman).


So You Want to Talk About Race by writer and speaker Ijeoma Oluo (@ijeomaoluo) is a “hard-hitting but user-friendly examination of race in America.” Covering topics that range from intersectionality to cultural appropriation in a conversational tone. It’s been an invaluable resource for us as we fully wrap our heads around this topic.


13th, a Netflix documentary by filmmaker and director Ava Duvernay (@ava), is the history of the impact slavery had on the economics and politics of the United States that they didn’t teach us in school. Highly impactful and full of valuable knowledge, this is helpful for anyone and everyone looking to understand how we got here.


Educating ourselves is hugely important in this work, but equally important is taking the time to reflect on our individual beliefs, biases and responsibility. Change your mind: A Black Psychologist’s Printable For Anti-racist White Allyship Online & In Real Life by Dr. Barbara Shabazz is a tool for this and so much more.


Creative Reaction Lab is an organization educating, training and challenging Black and Latinx youth (and allies) to become leaders in designing healthy and racially equitable communities. Redesigners in Action is their webinar series for those who are looking to increase their capacity for cultivating a mindset that produces action grounded in equity, inclusion and justice. We’re particularly excited for the August 11 encore presentation of “How Traditional Design Thinking Protects White Supremacy.”


We can’t forget that June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and how the gay rights movement was sparked by Black trans women, learn more about these roots in the article “Pride Is and Always Was About Rebellion, This Year More Than Ever” by George M. Johnson.


Educator/law student, blogger and photographer Joseph Oteng (@drjotengii) has created  Reflection Prompts for Combating Daily Systemic Racism as part of a broader series of infographics. These are free resources so if you get something out of them please send him some cash via Venmo (@joteng).


If you’re not sure what they are, this free lesson on Microaggressions will quickly shed some light. The Conscious Kid is an education, research and policy organization dedicated to reducing bias and promoting positive identity development in youth. If you found this or their other free resources on instagram useful, donate to the organization here.


Did you know that self-care originated in the activist and organizer community? Burnout is real, and this reminder about taking care from digital publication @wetheurban was just what we needed.


Public academic, author and lecturer Rachel Cargle explores the history of feminism in her signature lecture  “Unpacking White Feminism” you can also sign up for her self-paced coursework of “unlearning” on her Patreon.


The TED Radio Hour is a favorite of ours, and their episode “Confronting Racism” highlights five talks that “explore the effects of everyday and systemic racism in America–and how we can work to defeat it.”


The article “Being Antiracist” from the National Museum of African American History and Culture is a helpful crash course in the different types of racism, and is full of tools to kick start your personal anti-racist practice.


Choreographer and asexuality activist Michelle Lin (@michellinman) created “Chinese terminology for addressing anti-Blackness” as a resource for making conversations about Anti-Blackness easier for those whose first language is Mandarin Chinese. It’s being updated consistently and in the description there are links to guides for other languages.