January Top 13: Hyper-personalized Brands & Products

January 13, 2020 | By Noise 13

If it isn’t obvious, we’re excited about hyper-personalization. Here are some of our favorite products and experiences that are helping lead the trend.


Spotify is our go-to for music at the Noise 13 office. Of all the streaming services, we dig how their algorithms learn what we love and turn out curated playlists that keep our designers from fiddling with the dial.


As big fans of animation we appreciate how Care/Of has integrated an animated quiz in developing your personalized vitamin regimen.


We’re always looking out for the next fashion collaboration. This venture between New Era + New Balance is a fun one from this past year. By providing multiple sets of different colored logos and laces you can create a custom look that fits your style.


Hair products have traditionally been developed for hair types. Prose flips that notion on its head by mixing custom formulas made for you. Their products are complex but you’d never know it with such simple and elegant packaging. (They even drop your name on the front label)


We’re constantly inspired by industrial design here at Noise 13. ACBC has created a first-of-its-kind zipper system that gives you endless personalization options with their next generation shoe.


A nod to the king of binge-watching, Netflix’s content recommendation engine and clean user interface is still top-notch.


Another player in the personalized hair care sector, Function of Beauty shares Prose’s approach to minimal design with a colorful twist that appeals to our youthful and fun side.


The most scientific feeling of the personal care brands, Atolla provides an on-going skincare solution that evolves to your needs on a monthly basis. Their mobile app keeps you up-to-date on your skin condition and lets you interact directly with the company – an ingenious way to foster brand loyalty.


In the painfully overcrowded mattress-in-a-box category, Helix Sleep differentiates by focusing on a mattress built for couples. They customize each side of the bed based on the customer’s body type and sleep needs.


SweetGreen isn’t reinventing the wheel of fast casual dining, but their personal approach and endlessly customizable salads & bowls made in front of your eyes by your own service team member, provides an impactful and transparent experience. Oh, and the design of their space is great too.


BITE Lip Lab, a relative newcomer in the personalized beauty space, has opted to create an in-store experience where customers can tailor every aspect of a lipstick, from color, to flavor, to finish. While the creation of the product is very individual, what we love is their social approach, encouraging people to literally make a party out of the experience.


Habit is a meal planning service that takes customization to the nth degree by using customers self-reported blood test results to identify exactly what they need nutritionally to be at their best. While the product is built on hard-science, we appreciate their clean, friendly and approachable design and communication style.


Personal fitness training gets so much more personal with Tonal. The wall-mounted, home gym uses A.I. that measures the user’s strength to create custom workout plans. As designers, we shudder at the thought of gym equipment in our living room, but Tonal’s minimal footprint and smartly concealed components allow it to fit tastefully into our highly coveted spaces.