Fight Climate Change…with Breakfast!

Food is the best; we need it, we love it, we hunger for it, we take comfort in it. Its a reason to gather, to celebrate and to remember our heritage, too! 

From ooey-gooey grilled cheese and pear sandwiches, to a perfectly char grilled sea trout with lemon and fresh herbs, food brings joy to so many across the globe. Reference #FoodPorn to activate those salivary glands. We’ll wait. 

However… (*queue doom background music)… 

Our Current Food System Is One Of The Greatest Contributors To Climate Change

Take it from these gut-wrenching stats: 

And, the system isn’t broken, it was designed this way. Change is hard but we no longer have a choice; we have to do better. The tools and the research exist but we have to take action.

These Organizations Are “Chewing Things” Differently, And We Love It

Vertical Farming – Forward Greens 

With 50% of all inhabitable land being used for agriculture, and the substantial increase in population growth rates, it’s not wild to say we are running out of room. 

Forward Greens isn’t just moving our food systems forward, they’re moving them up, too! Their vertical farming practices use 95% less water and 99% less land than traditional agricultural practices. Plus, they’re 100% pesticide free, using only air, water, light and a lot of tender lovin’ care to grow every product. 

Plant-based Meat Alternatives – New Age Meats 

This brand is taking the guilt out of “guilty pleasures” with their intensely flavored meat, that’s better for you, animals and the planet, welcoming everyone to a “new age of meat eating!”

It’s not just beef production that’s terribly costly to our environment; all animal products (including non edibles) vastly outweigh the environmental costs and damage as compared to plant-based products. That’s why New Age Meats decided to “grow their own way!”

They grow real meat, dense with flavor, from the cells of unharmed animals, adding plants for texture, taste, and health. The result? A delicious culinary experience that satisfies on every level.

Perfect Partners Drive Regenerative Farming- Regen1

Now here’s a group of data innovators (we love data) who are truly putting climate change in the hands of each stakeholder and not just on the shoulder of the farmer. 

Regen1 (aka Food TBD) is a market-driven model supporting grower’s transition to more regenerative practices and systems through identifying and utilizing supply chain data and intelligence. This data leads to management plans and helps identify the appropriate regenerative practices for them and helps to monitor and evaluate the impact, adapting as needed. 

As more partners participate, further and deeper data is generated and the intelligence becomes increasingly powerful and accurate, delivering bottom-line business strategies that support our planet too; a system that embodies the power in community action, that we are truly better together!

But What Can You Do

The day to day choices to support our planet are endless, and can be delicious, too. 

Have you tried #MeatlessMonday, joined any #EarthMonth activities like riding your bike to work every day for a month, or do you choose products without plastic packaging? We all have the power to make choices every day to combat climate change and especially around food. And so can your companies!

We’re Ready to Take a Bite

Noise 13 is passionate about organizations who do good…for people, for planet, for inclusion and diversity to combat systemic inequity. 

Is your organization focusing on issues in the food space…

  • Tackling food waste? 
  • Innovating in non meat protein products?
  • Finding ways for people to connect and learn about food?
  • Developing food products that are good, clean and fair?
  • Improving access to fresh and nutritious foods for all?

Let’s chat about how to enhance your organization’s branding, to power connections with the right customers, helping them and the planet! We’re full of tasty, growth filled, people-friendly solutions to keep you moving onward, upward and towards business growth! Learn more by scheduling a call with us today.

In the meantime, check out these “10 Tips for Eating for the Planet” from the World Wildlife Fund.