September’s Top 13: Mushrooms Increasingly Mighty Innovations

September 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

September’s Top 13 list is inspired by the documentary Fantastic Fungi which I finally, and to much delight, watched last week. At Noise 13, we have been into all things mushroom for a while. Conferences on Psilocybin, mushroom based packaging, delicious emerging food products like mushroom jerky, the mighty mushroom fails to disappoint and is keeping us very curious!

  • Stella McCartney has always been a leader in sustainable fashion. Her new line has the world’s first-ever garments made from vegan, lab-grown Mylo™️ mushroom leather.
  • And Mylo is on repeat with Adidas’ awesome Stan Smith line, in a collaboration with Bolt Threads, a biotechnology company committed to creating the next generation of advanced materials.
  • 100% compostable and grown to spec in just 7 days, we are happy for any reason to use molded mycelium packaging and partner with the impressive Paradise Packaging team. 
  • We can all use a little more focus these days. Adding a little Lion’s Mane to your morning coffee is a great mental boost. Loving all the drink powers from Four Sigmatic. Find your magic blend.
  • We’re still in research mode, but would love to try out Psilocybin Therapy and microdose options. Share your stories of healing in the comments. We hope to update you after we connect to our brains in this deeper way.
  • Mushrooms are beneficial to more than just your nutrition. It’s great for your face, too! Snow Mushroom is hydrating and Reishi is an anti-irritant. Get both in this refreshing mist from Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™
  • It goes without saying, mushrooms are simply beautiful, in addition to their long list of benefits! I was mesmerized by the videos of growth in Fantastic Fungi, and feeling really inspired to grow my own at home. We recommend the Lions Mane and Golden Oysters kits from North Spore. Or the Shiitake and Oyster logs from 2Funguys 
  • This tasty surprise looks like beef, tastes like jerky, made from sumptuous ‘shrooms. We just ordered a mix pack of snacks from Moku
  • Mushrooms are seasonal, but for your pantry, we’d stock up on the dried and powered versions from Far West Fungi. You can add the powers to any dish for a boost of umami. 
    • Coming soon, we’ll give you the insider dish on some incredible Korean salt blends, including one made with shiitake. 
  • We’d also love to keep warm in these sustainable threads by JW Anderson. An easy search will also find this great sweater in black for those looking for a more dramatic look. 
  • Speaking of style, if vintage is your thing, we suggest this mushroom print puzzle by Cavallini. The paper tube it ships in is the sustainable cherry on top! 
  • Mycelium-based bricks created by Ecovative Design made the headlines in 2014 when they were used in an award-winning compostable tower at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Watching closely for more innovations in building.
  • And of course, finally and without adu, pay attention to your stomach! Our markets are filling with tasty meat alternatives with mushroom bases. We are so excited to try the sausages from our friends at New Age Meats when they hit the stores.

Wowza, after that impressive list, we hope you’re as mad about mushrooms as the crew at Noise 13. And if you are, we’d love to work together. If you or your organization would like to partner on sustainable packaging, innovative food solutions or brand refreshes that more accurately incorporate your organization’s mission and values, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out to We look forward to chatting!