Our Anti-Racism Commitment

August 08, 2020 | By Noise 13

In June, Noise 13 made a promise to commit to an ongoing practice of anti-racism in our business. Since then, we’ve been educating ourselves, thinking critically, and discussing how we can put that promise into action. As brand experts, we understand that this work needs to start internally then expand. Here are our initial steps:


1. We’ve reviewed our strategic brand platform and updated our values to make space for and support our anti-racism work.

2. We’re updating our employee handbook and onboarding process to include our anti-racism promise, policy, and resources.

3. We’ve created space for our employees to engage with and discuss anti-racism educational resources, as it relates to our industry and business. 

4. We will also add an agenda item to our annual team offsite to make sure that we’re regularly reviewing, adjusting, and adding to our anti-racism promise and policy.


1. We’re looking for more BIPOC partners, hires, and clients by:

  • Posting our internship opportunities at schools that are more diverse, and connecting with their multicultural student organizations to ensure that they are aware of the opportunity.
  • Implementing a blind resume process during the initial application review.
  • Seeking out BIPOC production partners, web developers, freelance creatives, and businesses we can work with and support.

2. We’re reworking our Brand Strategy process to include questions about diversity, inclusion, and sustainability to allow for more expansive inputs and audiences that will inform more inclusive creative work.

We hope you’ll join us in this work as it relates to your business process. Please give us a call if you’d like to discuss new ideas or have questions. What has your business committed to?