Introducing Eugénia!

Collaboration is at the heart of any large design sprint, and with over a decade of experience under her belt as a leader in empathetic leadership, we are thrilled to welcome Eugénia Semjonova as part of our Noise13 team in the role of Project Manager!

Originally from Slovakia via NYC, Eugénia brings a varied mix of experience-both creative and functional to our team. With her career’s start at Nielsen as a qualitative analyst and her moonlighting as an art director at Harvard, she has spent the last decade primarily in an agency setting solving complex sprints and honing her scrum-master skills as a creative PM.

She is an avid reader, a design enthusiast, a poet, and in the off-hours enjoys learning about semiotics, zoology, and spiritual practices around the world. Her favorite thing is tea, making things, talking to friends on the phone, and cooking vegan food while listening to a killer playlist like this one. Share your fave vegan recipes with her at