February Top 13: Our Favorite Cookbook Designs

February 13, 2021 | By Noise 13

We’ve been working with a stealth startup focused on an online recipe platform and have been diving into cookbooks like never before. Here is a collection of some of our favorite cookbook cover designs.

If the name of your cookbook is going to be From Crook to Cook, you can’t just have some typical culinary glamour shot on your cover. Also, for our money, Martha and Snoop are the best cooking duo of all time. 

We’re big fans of tasty, lunchtime salads and the fully illustrated approach of Salad Party certainly gets our approval. 

This is A Very Serious Cookbook with a very unserious cover. We love it. 

The cover of the reprinted Dalí. Les dîners de Gala is just an appetizer to the multisensory feast this book will serve to readers. 

Korefe’s edible cookbook, The Real Cookbook, is a treat for the eye and the stomach. 

We’re a tad obsessed with the mid-century modern simplicity of On Vegetables

A five-volume box set encased in plexiglass? Sign us up for this in-depth, modern take on Modernist Cuisine

Sometimes it’s all about simplicity. The type-driven cover of Cooking For Artists by Mina Stone is just that. (Perhaps we’re a little biased, as the author is the cousin of our Director of Strategy). 

Pasta as a graphic texture on the cover of Flour + Water: Pasta makes us want to eat the book as much as make the recipes. 

You can’t go wrong by highlighting the personality of a place like The Phoenicia Diner Cookbook has done.

We’re smitten with the primal cuts and cute illustrations as a gentler way to evoke butchery on the cover of Rotis: Roasts for Every Day of the Week.

The food, the plate, and the justified type are simple perfection on the Rich Table cookbook.

René Redzepi’s cookbook for his world renowned restaurant NOMA, is pure elegance inside and out. Best for the coffee table as opposed to the kitchen, as you’ll have to forage seasonal, nordic ingredients if you’re planning to make any of the recipes.