Balancing Brand Aesthetics for Body and Soul

Our Opportunity


Sherri Ziesche, founder of the successful Beauty Company boutique and salon, came to Noise 13 as she prepared to launch an exceptional line of bath and body products. We tackled two key challenges: coming up with a name for the brand, and creating a customizable labeling system that was both classic and modern.


Our Approach


Following extensive trademark, competitor, and consumer research, we determined the line’s original name was not a good fit. The products are inspired by Sherri’s visits to old-world European and Asian apothecaries, and are offered in signature as well as customized scents. The name needed to be more personal and unique, thus Ziesche (pronounced “zee-she”) Modern Apothecary was born.


The Ziesche Modern Apothecary brand identity is delicate yet masculine, classic yet modern. We designed a balanced aesthetic that incorporates thoughtful font selection, a restrained color palette, and plenty of white space.


A personal touch is a key factor in the brand’s appeal. The label system we developed allows for variation in scent and potency, as well as space for Sherri to sign and date each item. These elements add to the experience of an old world apothecary with a modern day sensibility, a theme reinforced by the styling of the in-store signage and displays.

Branding is everything and working with a team that gets it spot on is priceless.

Sherri Ziesche, Ziesche Modern Apothecary

The Outcome


Originally only available in San Francisco at Beauty Company, Ziesche Modern Apothecary products have since launched in Los Angeles, with expanding availability online and in stores.

Ziesche Modern Apothecary’s bath and body products are a treat for the senses and the spirit. We’ve given bath gel, body lotion, and the life-changing sugar scrub as gifts…and we stock up ourselves!


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