World Wrapps [OLD-2017.11]

Refreshing a Brand with Global Flavor

Our Opportunity


If you’ve ever enjoyed a spinach wrap for lunch, you may want to thank World Wrapps, the West Coast restaurant chain. A pioneer in the creation of gourmet wraps and the inventor of the spinach variety tortilla, World Wrapps has been tempting San Francisco foodies since the early 1990s. The restaurant has evolved over the years and even explored different directions under new ownership. But now, the original owners, three longtime friends, are back to boldly take the chain into the future. One of their first tasks: Repositioning the brand to show the world that World Wrapps’ days of innovation aren’t behind them.>


Our Approach


In order to recapture the hearts, minds, and appetites of guests, the brand positioning highlights the global nature of its flavors. World Wrapps is engaging a more travel-savvy consumer in today’s market with flavors that are authentic yet distinct. This is echoed throughout the brand positioning and concisely summed up in the tagline: Destination Flavor.


Travel also served as inspiration for the brand identity. The logotype’s stamped texture reminds us of street food signage, while the color palette conjures images of a Moroccan spice market. With a vast number of geographic locations to draw from, we landed on an aesthetic that feels culturally ambiguous to encompass global cuisines and evoke individual memories of flavors throughout the world.


When rolling out the brand, we needed to convey the traveler’s experience in the restaurant’s environment. Branded packaging included drink cups, tray liners, and wrapping paper for the nori rolls, summer rolls, and wraps. An illustrative, custom pattern was designed to incorporate many of the menu items through on-brand typography and stamp-style iconography. Icons were designed to represent the menu categories, and menu boards describe each item in mouthwatering detail while mirroring the new look and feel. These icons and brand elements were also utilized to deck the walls with interior art and clothe staff members in casual uniforms.


Last but not least, a website was designed to integrate with an online ordering system, tell the World Wrapps story, and tantalize user tastebuds. This responsive site also had to leave room for future location growth. So while they are still rolling out the new brand and design to existing stores, we have a few pages in our back pocket for the future.

world wrapps home page

The Outcome


This project was truly a labor of love. We love our partners and the work that they do, we love the food, and we love being able to work on a brand holistically—to not only create but to also apply a brand identity across multiple applications. As a result, World Wrapps is positioned to re-engage their audience with a reimagined menu, a carefully curated atmosphere, and a new brand that communicates their inspiration and values.

The Noise 13 team loves exploring new flavors and cuisines, and we’re always searching for a healthy option. We could eat at World Wrapps everyday to satisfy our cravings and never get bored!


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